Why Drupal Could Be the Perfect Choice

Drupal isn’t the best-known CMS platform, as the majority of website owners are likely to be more familiar with WordPress, but it’s certainly worth considering if you have goods or services to sell online.

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According to a recent article in CMS Critic, Drupal is a particularly good choice for creatives, as it offers completely flexible and adaptable themes that look absolutely wonderful. But it’s more than just creatives that are interested in using the platform.

Ease of Content Sharing

In an age where social media is highly influential about the goods and services that consumers purchase, Drupal offers a huge array of modules, including integration with social media channels, which allow customers to connect with brands in new and exciting ways. And with online stores who have social media accounts boasting a 32% increase in sales over those who don’t, this is a significant factor when creating a website.

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User Engagement

Drupal makes it easier than ever to engage with customers and create long-term relationships with them. A personalisation module ensures that relevant content is delivered to your customers based on their online behaviour and geographical location, while the Browsing History Recommendation module suggests purchases based upon the actions of previous buyers. The Commerce Recommender module makes suggestions for purchases based on the customer’s previous interactions with the site, and a Context Module allows for personalised sidebars and themes.


Fast page loading times always go down well with the search engines, and Drupal doesn’t disappoint with a Native Caching feature that ensures pages load quickly and efficiently. With completely flexible control over links to other URLs, Drupal is endlessly customisable and offers an excellent range of SEO options.


One of the few complaints ever voiced about Drupal is the fact that it’s not an easy platform for the non-technically minded to get to grips with, but this is partly what makes it such an excellent web-creation tool. And with so many active members of the Drupal online community, it’s not difficult to source a competent Drupal design agency, such as, who can craft a bespoke website to your exact requirements which will grow along with your business.

Drupal is the platform on which numerous high-quality websites have been created, offering scalability and future-proof designs that attract high volumes of visitors.


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