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Is Swimming During Pregnancy Safe?

During pregnancy, women have to take care of themselves more than usual, and that implies that they have some limitations regarding physical exercise. Each case is different, and depending on the pregnancy, and its evolution, one type of exercise or another will be more convenient. Swimming during pregnancy is a good effort.

Is swimming during pregnancy safe?

It is a critical question to answer. You must tell the condition of your health. But we discuss shortly below. Read and get your answer. Today I want to talk to you about the possibilities offered by swimming during this stage.

Is Swimming during pregnancy safe

Water gives you much more comfort

When you are pregnant, logically it is harder for you to move around and therefore exercise. Therefore, water is an ideal means to exercise. You will feel very light, helping some parts of your body that suffer a lot during pregnancy, such as your back. In addition, in the water, you feel very relaxed, which is also useful for parking a little stress.

Swimming in the pool can help both you and the baby. It improves your circulation and makes working areas that will be very important during childbirth, such as the pelvis.

During a normal pregnancy, in principle, you can perform any of the usual swimming styles ( breaststroke and back ) although, as the pregnancy progresses, and with it the size of your gut. You will have to adapt and use the style. Make it more comfortable for you. There are specific courses for pregnant women in which an expert monitor will advise you on what is best for you at all times.

There is no specific period to stop swimming

There is a great debate about when pregnant women should stop swimming. Some experts consider that, due to the benefits that it brings to the mother being in the water. It is appropriate to swim, even until the time of delivery. However, some doctors believe that, from the eighth month of pregnancy, it can be counterproductive to perform any type of physical exercise to avoid causing discomfort to the baby. It all depends on what the doctor advises you based on how the development of pregnancy has gone and on your feelings.

Due to the benefits of water during pregnancy, some women decide to use it as a way to better prepare for childbirth. They are guided classes in which a monitor teaches you some exercises that can be useful to facilitate, as far as possible, the time of delivery.

Are you swimming during pregnancy?

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