10 Ways To Help Your Child Cope With Stress

Children are subject to stressful situations no less than adults. At different times of the year, physical exertion changes, and psychological factors arise that affect one’s well-being. The beginning of the school year may cause a change in behavior. Mode, other than the usual, leads to fatigue. The once cheerful child becomes lethargic and apathetic. Parents can help your child cope with stress.

There are some simple, but effective ways to help your child

10 Ways To Help Your Child Cope With Stress

Creativity and self-expression

Monotony and routine adversely affect the emotional state. An adult, coming from work, wants to relax, rest, change the situation. In the same way, children, after serving a whole day at school, need rest and entertainment. It is not enough to put a desk or a desk where your child will learn lessons. The child needs extra space for games and other creative things. Let the baby be yourself: draw, cut, sculpt, dance. If it’s not possible to allocate more space, hide school supplies after homework. This will make you feel that your studies are over and you can give yourself to your favorite work.

10 Ways To Help Your Child Cope With Stress


Explain to your child how to deal with stress.

If you see that the child is sad and depressed, you need to talk about it. Find out if he is being bullied at school, what subjects are difficult. Having learned the essence of the problem, learn to cope with an unpleasant situation. With study, you can help yourself or hire a tutor. Psychological violence at school is not uncommon, therefore it is necessary to support and advise how to behave with offenders. Not necessarily go deep into the reasoning. Your child will like your personal childhood story more, using the example of which you can give a valuable lesson.

10 Ways To Help Your Child Cope With Stress

Prepare the child for difficulties

The best weapon for dealing with stress is moral preparedness. This is especially important for first-graders. The child does not know what he may encounter in the new situation and how to act. Therefore, tell us in advance what a school is, give interesting examples, explain why this is necessary. It is important to submit information in a reasonable amount, both positive and negative. If you set up a child only for fun, the slightest conflict can cause stress. At the same time, do not dwell on the bad, answer questions as they arrive.

10 Ways To Help Your Child Cope With Stress

Help your child how to relax in a stressful situation.

Children are emotional, so they often behave erratically and unpredictably. Simple tricks can help your child in a conflict situation. Relaxation is not a solution to the problem, but it will avoid a fight in school if a verbal skirmish has occurred. Teach mentally to count to 10, take a few deep breaths, or just remember your favorite activity, place, loved ones. Carried away for a few minutes, the child will perceive the problem is not so acute. Learn about the feelings he experiences in a given situation to give support.

10 Ways To Help Your Child Cope With Stress

Teach your child to understand his own feelings and express them correctly.

A person learns to understand his feelings over the years. What seems elementary to us may be incomprehensible to children. To clarify the meaning of emotions to the child, talk about how you feel. How to explain complex concepts? As simple as possible. Give examples from your own life, from childhood, from work. Aware of the emotions correctly, the child will act adequately to the situation. Allow letting off steam during the conversation, be interested in its feelings.

10 Ways To Help Your Child Cope With Stress

Find out what your child is interested in.

All sorts of gadgets give children access to a variety of content. To limit the child from them completely will not work. Even on TV, he can see undesirable things that affect the psyche. Keep track of what cartoons he likes, what areas of interest. Try not to watch aggressive fighters, psychological thrillers with the little ones.

Children are looking for communication in social networks, now it is absolutely normal. It is important to explain what to write, what photos to upload. Certain information can cause ridicule, not only classmates but also strangers. Teach your baby that it’s better not to put on too much personal detail. Also, tell how to respond to online aggression.

10 Ways To Help Your Child Cope With Stress

Interest your child with music

Playing music is not only a great hobby. It has a positive effect on the emotional state, develops thinking. Scientists have proven that music can reduce stress. Memorizing melodies develop memory, and studying music literacy allows you to structure concepts. Thus, the positive moments will affect learning in general. It will become easier to count, learn poems by heart. It is much more pleasant if a child after school will learn a song, rather than play video games.

10 Ways To Help Your Child Cope With Stress

Ban gadgets before bedtime

There is a direct link between lack of sleep and the appearance of stress. Evening views in bed are deceiving not only children but also adults. Sometimes we just can not turn off the exciting series, and in the morning regretting it. The child is even harder to give up the interesting things. Favorite game on the tablet can inspire for several hours. It is important to organize the regime so that the child himself understands how much to turn off the gadget. The forbidden is of interest, so excessive control will not lead to success. Allow me to lie down a few times and feel unpleasant tiredness at school, and then explain everything with a living example.

10 Ways To Help Your Child Cope With Stress

Use stress management tools.

Special tools will help prevent stress and help cope with the consequences. Janine Halloran came up with a “suitcase” in which things dear to the child are kept. It can be seashells with a rest on the sea, drawing supplies, photographs, comics, all individually according to your preferences. Opening such a box, the baby is immersed in pleasant memories, distracted and relaxed.

You can buy or draw cards with nice tips, for example, “take a few deep breaths”, “go for a walk with friends”, “read a book”. If you bring the child to create a list of what he likes, you get a good entertainment.

10 Ways To Help Your Child Cope With Stress

Inspire by example

Children largely take their cue from their parents, so it’s important to show that you can handle stress. Be patient, be patient, behave politely. Do not be rude in transport, queues in the store, solve problems culturally and delicately. The child will absorb your behavior and model the solution to stressful situations in your life.

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