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Tips to sleep better and lose body fat. It is not the first time that we mentioned the importance of nightly rest to achieve good sports performance. Experts recommend sleeping between 7 and 10 hours a day, but sometimes it becomes difficult to achieve and we do not do it with adequate quality. Do you know that sleep is essential to increase your energy and lose body fat? Today we reveal the 4 best tips for you to sleep peacefully and approach your goal.

Why do you have to sleep 8 hours?4 TIPS TO SLEEP BETTER AND LOSE BODY FAT

As with the number of daily steps, the hours of sleep vary in each person, although it is generally set at 8 hours per day. There are people who manage to recover perfectly in less or more hours, but what we do know is that sleep is necessary. If we do not do enough, we will face a problem. A rest deficit negatively affects brain function, hormones, and blood sugar. So not only do you feel more tired but also alter the composition of your body.

I am also very supportive of the “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” mentality, but it’s true that it’s not very smart. Not sleeping properly can make you age faster, so it’s possible that you win all the ballots to die earlier. It is good that you do not waste your time sleeping excessively, but try to arrive at 7-8 hours.

Then there are also those people who need more than 10 hours to recover, and still get up tired. They may need more sleep to have a correct brain function, but neither should abuse. In general, as we get older, we need less sleep (just the opposite of babies).

Tips to sleep better

Take a hot shower before going to sleep4 TIPS TO SLEEP BETTER AND LOSE BODY FAT

Changes in body temperature can improve your sleep habits. Take a shower with warm water before sleeping, temporarily raise body temperature until you enter a colder room. This makes our internal clocks synchronize and have an optimal sleep at night. Having the room between 15-20º will make you sleep deeply.

Train first thing in the morning4 TIPS TO SLEEP BETTER AND LOSE BODY FAT

I love getting up early to go training. It is the best way to activate us, besides being able to have all the gym equipment at our disposal. But returning to the subject of sleep, there are studies that show that early training improves the quality of sleep. When you choose to train in the afternoon or evening, research shows that it can alter your rest.

It will always be better to go to bed early, set the alarm and go train before work. You will arrive at night with a desire to sleep and you will rest peacefully.


If you do not take care of your resting place, how do you intend to sleep correctly? Imagine your bedroom as a cave, in which between low light and have an adequate temperature. Out of there, you can have all the distractions and technologies you want but avoid them inside.

The circadian rhythm adjusts to the exposure of light, so we must make sure we are almost in total darkness. Of course, leave all worries out of the room and use it only to sleep or have sex.

Choose suitable supplements4 TIPS TO SLEEP BETTER AND LOSE BODY FAT

Obviously, caffeine and thine should be avoided before going to bed. With caffeine, you not only stay awake but also affect sleep patterns. It will be hard for you to sleep and you will be tossing and turning in bed all night. Keep in mind that its effect lasts between 5 and 6 hours.

There are some supplements that have been shown to help you sleep better at night. Most of them increase the level of certain hormones that regulate sleep, such as melatonin. For example, ornithine (an amino acid with relaxing power), tryptophan (an amino acid that increases the level of serotonin), theanine (relaxant) and melatonin (sleep hormone that can be found in supplement).

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