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Living Room Blind Ideas

If you’re unsure as to which are the right blinds for you, below are some window dressing ideas for living rooms so you can find your ideal solution.

Living room window treatment solution

It can be difficult to find the right solution for a living room that has a number of large or unusually shaped or sized windows. The best solution is to use bespoke blinds, which are made specifically for your space. Blinds are an excellent addition for living rooms, as they offer great energy-efficiency, and can also be made to fit a variety of sizes and shapes.

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Privacy and light

It can be difficult to find the right balance when it comes to blinds. You may want them open for light, but you also want to be private. Pleated blinds are a great solution for many situations. They come in different fabric types, including sheers, so you can enjoy the view but at the same time, keep the sun out of your eyes. For Tewkesbury Blinds, take a look at https://laskeys.com/blinds/blinds-tewkesbury/

Roman blind

Roman blinds may be the perfect solution for you if you want to have more flexibility but still enjoy the same texture and pattern choices as curtains. They can be easily adjusted to fit your needs. They neatly fold up when you need them out of the way. Roman blinds can complement your living room’s décor with their charming patterns or simple coloured fabrics.

Roller blind

Roller blinds often don’t get the attention they deserve, as they are considered basic window dressings. The opposite is true. Roller blinds offer a wide range of options, including a variety of colours that can be matched to your décor. Blackout blinds can be used to create the perfect atmosphere for a movie night or a lie in on light mornings. Even if this isn’t an issue for you, these blinds are still great for a living area.

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Electric blinds

It’s worth thinking about the way electric blinds will make it easy to control the light in your home. You can choose from roller, roman or pleated blinds. You can control a single blind or a whole series of blinds with a simple click.

Smart blinds

Window dressings are no exception to smart technology. Our homes have become more technologically integrated, and window coverings are no different. You can control the light in any room with smart blinds. They are controlled by a smartphone.

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