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5 citrus fruits to strengthen your immunity

Start the year well by giving citrus fruits a special place in your menus. They strengthen the immune system, they are depurative and their taste transforms any food.

Nature is so wise that it offers us citrus fruits just when we need them most, in winter. Its exceptional richness in vitamin C makes them authentic health shields against colds and flu. But not only that.

The citrus fruits to strengthen your immunity

1. Orange, the whole is more beneficial than just the juicecitrus fruits

An orange of average size tries of leftovers all the vitamin C that is needed to the day. It also provides folic acid and vitamin B1, essential for the nervous system.

A tip: eat it whole and you will take advantage of pectin (very beneficial fiber for the microbiota) and antioxidant flavonoids.

Also: choose it ecological to avoid fungicides and waxes with additives that can cover your skin.

2. Kumquat, harvest your own vitamin C in a potcitrus fruits

Actually, the kumquat or Chinese orange does not belong to the citrus family, but it is a very close relative with which it is able to hybridize.

With 8 kumquats you get all the vitamin C you need per day. They also give you 10% of the calcium.

You can grow your kumquats plant in a pot and eat them whenever you feel like it. It is enough with a pot of 20-30 cm in diameter.

3. Grapefruit, including it at breakfast keeps you safecitrus fruits

Grapefruit is a great choice for breakfast. It is depurative and light (43 cal / 100 g), and it is very rich in vitamin C: one glass of its juice procures all that is needed per day.

It is depurative and prevents cancer thanks to the action of substances called limonoids, which promote the formation in the liver of the enzyme glutathione-s-transferase. This enzyme facilitates the elimination of several toxic compounds soluble in water.

4. Lime, attractive bitter with antibiotic propertiescitrus fruits

Lime juice is used to prevent cholera in many regions of West Africa. Specifically, they add it to the sauce that accompanies the rice.

Sprinkle the juice over a quarter of an avocado and eat it as is. If you mix it with ginger and oil you will get a very attractive vinaigrette.

Choose the firmest and heaviest files. If you leave them out of the fridge you will get more juice.

5. Lemon, you’ll appreciate taking a splash every morningcitrus fruits

Like the rest of the citrus fruits, the lemon is rich in vitamin C but, due to the amount that is taken, its contribution of terpenes is more interesting.

Lemon is also depurative, antibacterial and antiviral, anti-inflammatory, digestive and a good ally of blood circulation.

The Ruhr-Bochum University in Germany has proven that lemon terpenes inhibit the growth of liver cancer.

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