Will be years and years season 2 releasing?

If you have come this far it is because you have been fascinated by the new British series Years and Years by Russell T. Davies. With Emma Thompson at the center of the scene, this is without a doubt the series of the moment. Since there, we will see some predictions regarding the political, economic and technological changes that we will face in the world. That is why fans are waiting to see if there will be Years and Years season 2 or not? In this post, we will respond. Keep reading!

What is Years and Years season 2 about?

The series follows the lives of the Lyons brothers, a British family from Manchester. Daniel marries Ralph; Stephen and Celeste worry about their children, Rosie is looking for a new partner, and Edith is involved in humanitarian causes. Above them is the grandmother, the venerable and steadfast Muriel, nonagenarian.

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The story is projected into the future, following the lives and loves of the Lyons for the next 15 years. Relating how the United Kingdom is rooted in the unstable political, economic and technological situation of the country.

Years and years is a British series created by Russell T Davies, co-produced by BBC and HBO. It was launched on May 14, 2019, on BBC Eleven and on June 24, 2019, on the HBO platform, the series has a single season that adds a total of 6 episodes with a duration of 60 minutes each.

Now the question that we are all asking ourselves is, will years and years have season 2? Discover the Ruben blades family.

There will be 2 season of Years and years

The creator of the series Russell T Davies, confirmed that there will not be Years and Years season 2 since the series was not created for more than 1 season, because according to him to think of a new installment would be something exaggerated. Since he would have to anticipate another 15 years in history, something that would be very expensive.
On the other hand, if there is a second season from our point of view, it would not be with the same argument, this could be something repetitive and tedious. That is, the idea of ​​keeping only one season is the best, so as not to ruin the series. However, we must say that the series in its first season has seemed a total success.

So the answer is no, there will not be a 2 season of Years and Years.

Where can you see Years and Years season 2?

Years and Years is an original series from HBO, for which it has an exclusive distribution contract with the said television network. This means that we will not find it on any streaming platform other than HBO such as Netflix, Disney + or Amazon Prime.

And although we might think that the most logical thing is that it is on HBO Max, the reality is that it has not yet been added to the catalog because the premiere of that platform is still quite recent. However, it is expected to be available in the coming months.

For now, we can see Years and Years from Latin America on Movistar Play and HBO Go. While for Spain it is available on HBO and Movistar +.


This series has shown us the best actors who have undoubtedly been largely responsible for bringing the series to life. Given the great talent that characterizes them and the way, they interpret the character in the series. Next, we leave you a list with the main cast of Years and years.

  • Emma Thompson as: Vivienne Rook MP
  • Rory Kinnear as: Stephen Lyons
  • T’Nia Miller as: Celeste Bisme-Lyons
  • Russell Tovey as: Daniel Lyons
  • Jessica Hynes as: Edith Lyons
  • Ruth Madeley as: Rosie Lyons
  • Anne Reid as: Muriel Deacon
  • Dino Fetscher as: Ralph Cousins
  • Lydia West as: Bethany Bisme Lyons
  • Jade Alleyne as: Ruby Bisme-Lyons
  • Maxim Baldry as: Víctor Goraya
  • Sharon Duncan-Brewster as: Fran Baxter.

Let us know in the comments if you would like to see Years and Years season 2.

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