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8 simple tricks to avoid fatigue

Fatigue is neither healthy nor normal and has many undesirable side effects. Therefore, we leave you 8 simple tricks that will help you avoid fatigue.

Living with fatigue is neither healthy nor normal. Nor is insomnia, suffer bad digestion or gain weight for no reason. They are secondary effects of fatigue and fatigue, two evils of our time that should be put on hold. Here you can find 8 simple tricks proposed by two doctors to avoid fatigue.

1. Calm the mindavoid fatigue

Fatigue, if the time is prolonged, can lead us to suffer a chronic stress that is one of the biggest problems of an unhealthy life. For Dr. Lourdes Tomás, author of “La Salud to major talent” (Platform), it is essential to seek silence within ourselves. Being calm gives us energy and therefore, letting go of tiredness behind. “We live in a world in which we are continually bombarded by stressful stimuli, some of them so normalized that we do not even realize it. But the worst, what weakens us the most is to always live with an outward gaze. To manage modern stress, the first step is to enhance the figure of the observer, to realize that we can change things. The more noise there is, the more silence you have to look inside yourself, “he says.

2. Out of insomniaavoid fatigue

After a night of insomnia or with fewer hours of rest that would be desirable, we have all the ballots for a hard day. If sleepless nights happen, fatigue is served. “During sleep, our body synthesizes somatomedin, one of the most important antiaging hormones, responsible for the distribution of energy during the day and for regulating memory. Sleeping our body is repaired and tuned, since its daily use inflames it, oxidizes it and ages it, “explains Dr. Lourdes Tomás. Sleeping deeply is essential and after 50 or 60 years it is also a nap after eating. It’s not about putting on your pajamas. With 10 minutes is enough to avoid fatigue.

3. Healthy eatingavoid fatigue

The lack of energy is one of the symptoms that most often is presented as the reason for, and can say that energy is also obtained through food. We eat every day, so a healthy diet is essential for this contribution of energy that the body needs to perform throughout the day and thus avoid fatigue. “We lead lives that resemble those of elite athletes, lives with great demands to perform in a very limited time, so we stressed, and in doing so, we start sleeping badly and eating worse … Subtracting the two great energy sources from the body when we need them the most. It is logical that we are tired. We do not give importance to eating and sleeping as health generating forces and real sources of energy, “says Dr. Lourdes Tomás. Being more or less thin has nothing to do with our energy level. For Dr. Rachel Carlton, an expert in integrative medicine, it is essential to have food grown without pesticides, hormones or antibiotics. Take fruits and vegetables in large quantity. For Núria Roura, health coach, a good trick to gain energy is to start improving breakfasts.

4. Do not stay seatedavoid fatigue

Eight hours (or more) sitting in the office, another one in a car or bus, and many are done. Fitness center? You have been paying for several months without stepping on it. But, today either. And so on day after day. A vicious circle with only one result: you feel more tired. “Except for some exceptions such as certain chronic diseases or when there is adrenal fatigue, the less you move, the more tired you will feel. A gentle activity – such as walking, yoga or aquagym – increases energy levels in fatigued women, “says Dr. Rachel Carlton in The Body is Wise (Uranus). “One of the first things I advise my tired patients is to find some physical activity that you like, even if it’s just to go around the block. Being outdoors is very relaxing, reduces cortisol levels and is vital for someone who feels tired, even if it is due to adrenal fatigue “, adds the Californian doctor.

5. Adrenal fatigue?avoid fatigue

You lack the energy and motivation, it costs you to concentrate and not to mention sexual desire. Neither is nor is expected. The adrenal fatigue takes away the color to life and makes you see in black and white. “The most frequent cause of adrenal exhaustion is overuse, that is, the chronification of the stress response. In its last stages, the exhausted adrenal glands hardly manufacture cortisol, adrenaline or DHEA and this leads us to a limit situation where fatigue and extreme tiredness appear, insomnia, mood disorders, sexual dysfunction or menstrual disorders. Also a lower tolerance to stress in which any small decision makes us a world. All this causes that our immune system is weak and exhausted, “explains Dr. Tomás, medical and scientific director of Médico Mentor. How do we avoid it? “Knowing our body, knowing how the stress response works and learning to manage it, is almost the only alternative we have to avoid this situation of intense fatigue,” he explains. It is one of the best tips to avoid fatigue.

6. Avoid dehydrationavoid fatigue

Of your 70 kilos, 42 are water. The heart, lungs or brain have up to 70% of this fluid and make them thirsty, dehydrate, generates fatigue. When we do not drink enough, the body begins to activate the main survival mechanism that humans have: the stress response. “A badly hydrated brain is clumsier and slower, a blood with little water becomes thick, blood pressure goes up, the kidneys cannot perform their detoxifying function … Cortisol and adrenaline levels skyrocket. How much water do we need so that this does not happen? “Between two and two and a half liters newspapers. It is very common to find states of chronic mild dehydration, since we think that drinking coffee or tea, sugary drinks, juices or alcohol hydrates us and is a big mistake, on the contrary, they are all drinks that, ultimately, dehydrate us different mechanisms “, explains Dr. Lourdes Tomás.

7. Beware of your personal relationships

As the saying goes, whoever has a friend has a treasure. A solid social network brings health. It is proven that we live more years when we are more sociable … But, eye, sometimes human relationships can become a factor of stress and as a consequence, of fatigue. “If in your life there is a relationship or friendship that makes you suffer and you suspect that it hurts you, seriously consider changing it or cutting it off for the sake of health. Or, as some of my patients have done, consider quitting communicating for a while with that person who steals your energy, “advises Dr. Carlton. “For better or for worse, our heart is connected to the people around us. Let yourself be guided by your body to see what relationships with loved ones foster or destroy your well-being. Do the same with your adult children, neighbors or co-workers. It is not in your hand to choose the family or the people around you, but it is up to you to choose the frequency and the way you communicate, “adds Carlton.  It is one of the best tips to avoid fatigue.

8. Fatigue in diseasesavoid fatigue

If we have changed our diet, regulated our schedules and, in short, we are doing everything possible to feel less tired but we do not get it, it is time to consult with a professional who discovers the existence of organic pathologies that hinder recovery. In fact, fatigue is a symptom that can be present in multiple diseases like the hypothyroidism that already in very initial phases causes great fatigue. In addition to nutritional deficiencies, two diseases that involve a lot of fatigue are fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. Also, the toxic substances can be the cause of the exhaustion. “They are harmful to the environment and to our body, especially to the nervous system. Frequently, this exposure generates hormonal alterations, nervous dysfunction and, of course, fatigue, “explains Dr. Carlton.  It is one of the best tips to avoid fatigue.

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