Top 5 Best Prank Call Sites to Prank Your Friends

Prank calls are one of the classic ways to make fun of someone. It gives people the exciting rush of working with fake scenarios and going along with the spontaneity of events as it hilariously progresses. But through the years, it has gained a bad reputation for wasting people’s time and just being overall a comedic cliche. But it didn’t have to be! A good prank call is a prank call that doesn’t disturb or cause trouble on the receiver’s end. If you are going to make one, just make sure that you are pranking people that you know personally. It’s quite a big deal; other people get arrested for making inappropriate calls. And that’s just not fun for everyone involved! But worry not, pranks calls aren’t at all dead – still thriving even!  Because through the years, prank call websites were developed for people to have more fun without inconvenience to people’s time.

But how do these prank sites work in the first place?

With these prank sites, you will not be calling service staff of random establishments and waste their time. Obviously, you will not use your personal phone number because your friends, family, or even your ex have it already registered. That is why these prank call sites mostly use Voice Over IP or VOIP. VOIP is the same thing used for Skype and other calling apps on the internet. With these, the number appearing on their phone devices will be unidentified. Making it seem more legit! Different prank sites all have various features, and we gladly listed down the 5 best prank call sites to prank anyone!

1.     Ownage Pranks

If you are into funny things online, you probably already know Ownage Pranks from their famous Youtube Channel. They make various pranks that will surely crack you up! What’s more astonishing about Ownage Pranks is they offer hilarious prank calls done by professional voice actors. They do this to make every trick convincing enough to fool your chosen victim. You can choose from a vast selection of ingeniously-written pre-made scripts to be delivered by a wide range of characters. From the voice of an old man to a sexy lady! You will never run out of options because every single prank will give anyone a burst of unparalleled laughter! Not that it needs more convincing, but if you need more push to try this one out – their animations are neat and engaging as hell.

2.   Prank Dial

With the use of their tokens, you can choose from their various database of pranks or messing with your friends or family. With their interesting selection, you always have options that will be funny for you. You are totally in control! What makes it more worth it is that the stunt will be recorded for you to revisit even as time passes. All you need to do is send your victim’s phone number and an unknown number from any country. Once this is done, you can get ready, as the fun will already unfold at arm’s length!

3.   Prank Hotline

The last one on this list will not disappoint with its jokes and well-thought out pranks. If you are out to get back on your ex, or you just want to confuse a friend,  then you should try this site out. You only get limited free tokens once you sign up so make sure to use them wisely! If not, you can always repurchase and it will surely be worth it.

4.   Wacky Prank Calls

You don’t need to download a tool or software to get wacky with Wacky Prank Calls! How does this work? They will give you a specific number that you can use to dial on your device as you follow certain instructions, which of course, includes entering the name of your victim’s number. With this, they wouldn’t know it’s you and they would really believe it was someone else. This is so far the most simple prank call website on this list, if you are not looking for anything grand or extra.

5.    Prank Owl

Just imagine how epic it could get if you listen to a phone call of two people forced to talk to each other. This feature is one of the reasons why this website is so fun. You can just sense the awkwardness and confusion in their voices which you can record and store to cheer you up in the future. To maximize the pranking, you may earn tokens to unlock other features like ad-free calling in other countries and more!

We listed down only the five BEST prank call websites so you don’t have to be overwhelmed by the plethora of choices you can find on the internet. Times are changing and the old ways of prank calling just won’t add “ooomph” to your pranks anymore. Internet is such a vast and wonderful, isn’t it? If you are interested, we wrote an article about How The Internet of Things work here. Good luck and have a good time pranking!

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