Ethan Klein Net Worth, Early Debut and Biography

Great-granddaughter of the famous writer Tennessee Williams, Ethan is forced to face the separation of his parents at the age of three. Shortly thereafter he moved to New Jersey, to Princeton, together with his mother. Here, we will share the Ethan Klein net worth and his biography.

By first attending West Windsor-Plainsboro High School and then the Hun School of Princeton, he also approached the world of acting thanks to the McCarter Theater. Acting on stage, among other things, in the school comedy “Santa Giovanna”, by George Bernard Shaw.

Ethan Klein’s net worth and early debut in the cinema

At the age of fourteen, he made his film debut, appearing alongside River Phoenix in the film “Explorers”. Later Ethan Hawke moved to England to study acting at the British Theater Association. Then he returns to the United States to attend Carnegie Mellon University. Ethan Klein’s net worth is about 19 million US dollars.

After enrolling in the English program at the University of New York, he became artistic director of the Malaparte Theater Company, the company of the Big Apple. In 1988 he starred in Bryan Singer’s short film “Lion’s Den”. But it is only the following year that it gains international fame.

Ethan Klein

Success and the first half of the 90s

The fame comes thanks to the success of “The fleeting moment”: Ethan Hawke plays one of the student boys of prof. Keating – played by Robin Williams. It is he who utters the phrase “O Captain, My Captain”, in the famous scene in which he first stands up on the bench.

Also in 1989, he appeared in “Dad – Papà”, directed by Gary David Goldberg. While in 1991 Ethan Hawke is on the big screen with “Zanna Bianca, a little big wolf”, directed by Randal Kleiser. After being part of the cast of the Jonathan Wacks film “Let’s see you tonight … bring the dead”, in 1992 he appeared in “Near the end”, Keith Gordon’s film.

Then find behind the camera Stephen Gyllenhaal in “Waterland – Memories of love”, before working on “Change life”, by Bruce Beresford, and ” Alive – Survivors “, by Frank Marshall (a film that narrates the Disaster of the Andes 1972). In 1994 he starred for Ben Stiller in ” Young, cute and unemployed “.

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The second half of the 90s

Uncredited in “The legend of White Fang” and in “Quiz Show”, in 1995 he was in the cinema in ” Before the Dawn ” and “Search and destroy”. A couple of years later ” Gattaca – The door to the universe “, directed by Andrew Niccol – was released with Jude Law.

On 1 May 1998, he married his colleague Uma Thurman – known on the set of Gattaca. Uma, a couple of months later, gives him his first daughter, Maya Ray. In the late 1990s, he took part in Alfonso Cuaròn’s ” Lost Paradise “, and Richard Linklater’s “Newton Boys”, but was also part of the “Two-way Love” cast, directed by Dan Ireland.

The emotional storms that many relationships create or corrode are, in my opinion, the raw material of cinema, but also action films – and I think of the commitment with Denzel Washington of The Magnificent 7, involve me. And science fiction has always been a terrain in which I have found many expressions of my role as an actor. Just mention the film Gattaca, which brought me closer to Uma Thurman, whom I married the year after the film was released in 1998.

After working for Scott Hicks on “The Snow Falls on Cedars” and for Michael Almereyda on “Hamlet 2000”, he finds Richard Linklater behind the camera for “Tape”.

The 2000s

In 2001 he released the “Training Day” cinema. On January 15, 2002, he became a father again, this time of a boy, who was given the name of Levon Roan. In 2004 he wrote the film “Before Sunset”, thanks to which he was nominated for an Oscar, and starred for DJ Caruso in the film ” Identità violate “. Between 2004 and 2005 Ethan Hawke separated and divorced Uma Thurman.

On the working front, he appears in Jean-François Richet’s film “Assault on Precinct 14″ and for Andrew Niccol he stars in ” Lord of War ” (with Nicholas Cage).

The second half of the 2000s

In the spring of 2006, his personal office in New York was affected by a fire that completely destroyed him, just when Hawke was busy directing “Young Love”, a film based on his novel written in 1996 (“Love young”). The negatives, however, are recovered.

As a boy, born of very young parents who were still students in the seventies, I thought I would become a writer, a man of “Letters”. I consider myself such even if, scrolling through my filmography, I am impressed by the work done over time and I have fantastic memories of many of my films.

In the meantime, the actor returns to the big screen once again with a Linklater film: it is, in this case, ” Fast Food Nation “. In 2007 he appeared in ” Honor the father and mother “, directed by Sidney Lumet, and then worked on “Boston Streets”, directed by Brian Goodman.

I am grateful to Richard Linklater, who also wanted me for his splendid Boyhood, for offering me that long episode story that has become on the screen and for many spectators, as well as for me, Before sunrise / Before Sunrise, which started in 1995, he marked many stages, unions, separations, dissatisfactions, impulses, maturity, of life.
In June 2008 he married again, this time with Ryan Shawhughes, the girl who babysits his daughters, who just over a month later still makes him father, to Clementine Jane. In 2009 he starred in the episode directed by Yvan Attal of the film “New York, I Love You”, but he also collaborated with Antoine Fuqua in “Brooklyn’s Finest” and with James DeMonaco in “Staten Island”.

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The 2010s

In August 2011 he becomes a father for the fourth time: his wife Ryan brings Indiana into the world. When I see my children, only then, do I think of the passage of time. Seeing Clementine and Indiana grow is my joy. When I was more into a career, I had less time to be with Maya and Levon born of my marriage to Uma Thurman, but I can say that I recovered after their friendship and the bond with all my boys and girls is truly fertile.

In 2014, “Boyhood” was released at the cinema, a film shot from 2002 and until 2013, over twelve years, in which Ethan Hawke wears the role of the father of the protagonist. Thanks to this role he received an Oscar and Golden Globe nomination for the best supporting actor.

He then worked with the Spierig brothers for “Predestination”, a science fiction thriller in which he played a time-traveling agent: the film received critical acclaim, being nominated for the AACTA Award for best film.

In September 2014 Hawke made his debut as director of a documentary entitled “Seymour: An Introduction”: previewed at the Toronto International Film Festival, he was conceived by Hawke at a gala dinner where the musician Seymour Bernstein is also present ( pianist and composer on which the documentary is focused). The documentary was released in March 2015, gaining a rather warm welcome.

Meanwhile, the American actor takes part in the drama “Born to Be Blue”, directed by Robert Budreau, in which he plays the role of jazz musician Chet Baker. The film is set in the sixties and focuses on the return of the musician after his fight against heroin addiction.

Shortly thereafter, Hawke stars in “Maggie’s Plan”, alongside Julianne Moore and Greta Gerwig: in this romantic comedy directed by Rebecca Miller, she wears the role of an aspiring novelist and anthropologist. In 2016 he appeared in “In a Valley of Violence”, Ti West’s western film in which he starred alongside John Travolta. Shortly afterward he went to the cinema with “Maudie”, directed by Aisling Walsh, and with “Valerian and the city of a thousand planets”, by Luc Besson.

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