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Can I recover deleted text messages android?

Despite the rise of instant messaging applications that work with the Internet, SMS continues to be part of our daily lives. Have you deleted a message with an activation code? Have you received an important notification and it has disappeared? In these cases, there are programs and applications that give you the ability to recover deleted SMS.

Today, we have prepared an extensive guide with all the methods to recover text messages on Android in 2021. Each of the options to restore your SMS on the mobile, either from the terminal itself or using the computer as an intermediary.

If you are wondering can I recover deleted text messages android, here we guarantee you will find the best solution in each case. All this without compromising the security of your device and with the most up-to-date information. Are you interested? Read on and learn how to do it in seconds. Don’t give up anything for lost!

Can I recover deleted text messages android?

One of the fastest and easiest methods to recover deleted text messages is by using specific applications. These do not require a previous backup in the cloud and allow you to recover all the deleted SMS. In the Play Store, there is a very extensive catalog of apps with this function, so we have selected some of the best:

SMS Backup & Restore

SMS Backup & Restore is an app to recover messages without the need for root. It has a very intuitive and easy-to-use interface, allowing you to make copies of your SMS, MMS and call history.

And how it works? The tool stores all this information locally on your mobile so that if you accidentally delete a message, you can recover it through the app itself without depending on external cloud services (although it is also compatible with Dropbox, Google Drive and One Drive ). The app is free and has a Pro version that allows you to encrypt the copies. This is the procedure to retrieve the messages:

  • Open the application, pull down the side menu and select Restore.
  • Choose the location where you made the backup: phone, Google Drive, Dropbox or One Drive.
  • On the next screen, you will only have to select what you want to recover (SMS, calls or both). Once the selection is made, click on Restore.

SMS Backup

Another very interesting app to recover deleted messages on Android for free and without root is SMS Backup. Its most outstanding feature is the possibility of making backup copies of a single message, so you will not need to make backups of the entire SMS registry.

To do this, the software not only creates a file with the messages but also saves them in HTML format so that you can open them from any device, such as a computer, an iPhone or a new Android phone. You can save and send the copies to your email, Gmail, Dropbox or wherever you want. We show you how to recover SMS with this app:

  • Open the SMS Backup app, click on the drop-down menu (⋮) and select Restore.
  • Now, select Add backup.
  • Then, the Android file browser will open. Go to the folder where you have the copy to upload the file.
  • Once the application recognizes the copy, you will only have to configure it by choosing the Messages option as your default messaging application. Click Yes to continue.
  • After a few minutes, your copy will be restored.

Recover deleted SMS

If you are looking for a tool to recover deleted SMS on Android that is effective, free and does not require root, this app is one of the best options on Google Play. And it is that with it, you can make local backups and then restore them directly to the phone’s inbox. The application will save the conversation in a small file along with the contact number and the date it was received. Later, you can retrieve any SMS in a matter of seconds:

  • Open the app and press Restore from the main menu.
  • Select the backup you want to restore. You can choose the entire message history or only retrieve specific SMS. Click on Recover to continue.
  • Finally, when the copy has been restored, click on Revert to be able to open the SMS from the native mobile application.

How to recover a deleted message with cloud backup?

So far, we have seen some options to recover deleted SMS messages without relying on a cloud service. However, these platforms also allow you to make backup copies of SMS relatively easily and without paying a single penny.

Now, you must bear in mind that this method has the great handicap that it restores all the information on the mobile. In other words, there is no possibility of recovering only the messages, but the generated copy saves other data and settings of the mobile so that later you will be forced to restore your mobile completely. As you can see, it is a somewhat cumbersome process, but it can be useful as an emergency resource.

Among the different free cloud services on the market, one of the most recommended is Google Drive, since Google services usually come by default on Android mobiles. If you want to know how to recover deleted messages with Drive, then we explain the step by step in detail:

From the phone settings:

  • Enter the Settings of your Android mobile.
  • Open the Accounts and Administration section. This step may vary a bit depending on your brand and mobile model, but it will be similar in any case.
  • Swipe down and enter Google.
  • Select a Google account. In this case, the one that has the backup.
  • Press the More button (…) and select Synchronize now.

From the Google Drive app:

  • Open the Google Drive app.
  • Click on the drop-down menu and choose Backups.
  • Next, you will see a list with all the copies that you can manage. Select one and click Restore. If you do not have a backup, the following image will appear and you will not be able to restore anything from Drive:

In both cases, once you perform the last step, the backup will take a few minutes to restore. On the other hand, it goes without saying that this copy will only continue to be saved as long as you use the device. After two weeks of inactivity, an expiration date will likely appear in which the copy will disappear from Google Drive.

Samsung Cloud: Recover Deleted SMS from Samsung

If you are a Samsung user, the South Korean company gives us the option of using its own cloud service to back up SMS, the so-called Samsung Cloud. The service works in a similar way to Google Drive, although in this case, you can only make copies of messages. Its operation is very simple. These are the steps to follow to recover deleted SMS on Samsung:

  • Enter the Settings of your Samsung mobile.
  • Scroll within the menu and click on the Cloud and Accounts option.
  • You will see that the Samsung Cloud section appears and the possibility of backing up or restoring data.
  • Now, click on Restore data and select the device on which you want to install the copy (in the case that you have made backups on several devices).
  • Finally, check the boxes of the data you want to recover. Tap Restore to finish.

If you choose this option, we also recommend that you activate automatic copies so that your Samsung saves the data every 24 hours. It is essential that you have available space. Otherwise the copies will not be made. This is the step by step:

  • On your mobile, go to Settings> Samsung Cloud.
  • Press the More Options button (⋮).
  • In the pop-up menu, open the Settings section.
  • Go to Synchronization and automatic backup settings and press the Auto backup tab. On the same screen, you can select which data to save. In this case, choose only Messages.

Computer software to recover SMS when changing mobile

Although recovering deleted SMS from mobile is a fast and safe option, there is also some software that allows you to do exactly the same through your computer. This method is especially recommended when changing mobile phones or when you have deleted text messages without having previously made a backup.

In most cases, these are free and easy-to-use programs. One of the most recommended is EaseUS MobiSaver, an official software that you can download directly to your PC from its website.

Among other things, EaseUS will allow you to recover all the text messages that you have accidentally deleted without backup and export them in HTML format to be able to read and print them. To recover your messages, you just have to follow 3 simple steps:

  1. Open the EaseUS MobiSaver program on your computer and connect your Android mobile.
  2. The software will automatically start scanning the phone. With this process, all lost files such as SMS will be searched.
  3. Upon completion of the scan, all found files will be displayed. Select the ones you want to recover and choose a destination folder on your computer to save them.

The program is compatible with Windows XP and has two versions, one free and one paid for € 36.95. The latter comes with a function to preview SMS before recovery and free lifetime technical support.

On the other hand, its developers recommend that you stop using your mobile phone immediately after losing data. Also, the scan must be complete to recover all the deleted files. If you stop the scan before it is finished and save the recovered data on your Android, you run the risk of overwriting the rest of the data and losing it forever.

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