Casual wedding dresses for groom: 10 stylish and cool ideas

Casual wedding dresses for groom. Nowadays, couples have a more easy-going approach to their weddings.  A few years back, the groom used a more formal suit style.

We very much like the idea of a more rustic, casual country style look. Keep in mind that you have to work on the details in order to look smart for this special day:

  • Suspenders
  • Corduroy pants
  • Vests

The groom must look stylish, even with this Casual Boho style outfit.

The casual look in a young groom with bow tie and suspendors, will certainly look splendid!  Here are a few tips so that your casual look will be cool.

Hipster style wedding

casual wedding dresses

There is a lot of casual wedding dresses for grooms to choose from. Add some suitable details that really match your own style. There are some amazing designs for casual wedding wear for grooms.

You can find some options in this post. Update a classic timeless suit for the groom by mixing some fashionable accessories like:

  • Sunglasses
  • Printed socks
  • Pocket watch
  • Bow tie
  • Leather belt

Simple and stylish groom wedding attire

Whether you wear jeans or corduroy pants, don’t put sneakers on. Better go for some Oxford or other nice shoes.

When you have a rustic or country wedding, it actually makes better sense to wear jeans instead of a traditional suit.

  • Bow Tie
  • Jeans

Always remember: your wedding is one of the most eventful  days in your life.

Relaxed and less formal look for groom

the casual wedding dresses

A more casual look gives the groom more flexibility. Use open neck shirts and no ties. In some weddings on the beach they use more casual pants or shorts. Match your wedding outfit to your party style.

  • Rustic wedding – dresses tweed and a 3 piece-suit for winter
  • Garden wedding – Give it a casual twist with a pair of jeans
  • Beach wedding – Add trainers

When it gets more formal at the garden ceremony you can put on a dark blue blazer. Later on, you can take it off!

Wedding on the beach: Hawaiian shirt and shorts

At a wedding on  the beach, you can pick a comfortable Hawaiian style look. Celebrate the island style with a cool Hawaiian shirt. If you can, better buy a high quality Hawaiian shirt, for example from a famous brand like Ralph Lauren.

Bohemian wedding attire for groom

A few years ago men used formal or “penguin” suits. Attire for groom and ties match with the bridal dress. But these days, there are many chic ways to dress up for the wedding with just a shirt and suspenders. There are options for the groom which are more affordable. Add some element of sophistication or inspiring colors:

  • Burgundy
  • Classic gray
  • Royal blue
  • Pastel colors

If you are currently looking for casual wedding dresses for the groom, this overview has given you some ideas. At least add some floral prints and contrasting colors.

Wedding dresses according to your body type

Choosing the wedding dress is one of the most exciting tasks for a woman who is about to step on the altar. More than a simple search, it becomes the materialization of an illusion. Dreaming of the magical moment that will soon come. Here we give you some tips that will help you.

Will your wedding be day or night?

This is an aspect that you should keep in mind, since you will set the guidelines for the guests regarding the dress code. If you decided to make a day wedding then the dress you choose should be as simple as possible, with very light fabrics and avoid excessive rhinestones and / or accessories.

If you decided to do your wedding at night, then you have a little more freedom with the design, you can take a risk with a dress with long tail, with lace and rhinestones, or shiny.

Casual wedding dresses buy it done or do it?

top casual wedding dresses

One of the first things to decide is if you want to buy (or rent) a ready-made dress or send it to make. For both options there are pros and cons. If you want a dress that is already made, go directly to the wedding dress shops to show you what is available.

The task could be a bit exhausting, so if you want you can check first on the Internet, there you will find many options and the best of all is that you can search on websites from other countries and they will send it to your home in the date you choose

Wedding dress will be A long or short dress?

Sometimes there are reasons to choose a short dress more than long. The wedding dress is the expression of the personality of the bride , through him you let know how you are: classic, modern, romantic or risky. The most classic is the long dress but if you want to look more original choose to dresses a short dress. You can add a bun in the style pin up to give more volume to your skirt. Do not forget that this is an important moment in life because it will be the beginning of a shared life.

Which one do you like the most?

This is definitely something that you should keep in mind. Not all women are the same or have the same body. Some brides have known for some time how they want their ideal wedding dress. Others have no idea and must start from scratch.

Wedding dresses according to your body type

Let your style, whether vintage, boho, chic or whatever you want your guests see from you. What is certain is that all brides are beautiful and that is why finding a dress according to your body type will be crucial. Feel comfortable and that will fill you with security. There are many types of bodies, let’s see what dress is right for you.

Guide with infographics of wedding dresses according to your body.

discover casual wedding dresses

Each bride will have many options to choose from. That some model becomes the perfect dress and that you feel like a princess on the day of the wedding. The options are many, almost endless. Check this infographic to make the best choice.

On the other hand, if you do not decide for any, or if you like things of different option then it is to send it to make or made by yourself. To inspire you, this pink dressmaker  presents her 2018 collection.

The good thing about this option is that the dress will be made exactly as you wish and you will be the only one to have it. In addition, it may also be a bit cheaper.

The web has many dress options that can guide you according to your personality to create your own design.

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