You’ve been invited to a winter wedding? What to wear.

If you’ve ever had that happy day when a wedding invitation suddenly drops through the letterbox it does bring with it a sense of excitement as you look forward to your friend’s big day. If it’s in the summer then that’s easy to plan for. But you look at the date and you check it twice. Yep that’s right it’s a Winter wedding! Winter is anywhere between December the 1st and February the 28th, or 29th if it’s a leap year. You can count on November and March having some cold ones as well.  What can you do in terms of an outfit. What you can do is go straight away to EJ Menswear and take a look at some Calvin Klein Menswear. Then follow these rules.

There are codewords to look for when it comes to a wedding. If the invitation says Formal then you are looking at getting a full on black morning suit with a black bow or straight tie. A top hat is not out of question at the Formal do. If it says semi-Formal then you can scale it back a bit. This means a suit that can be of a different colour but not too garish.

Next, is it in the City or the Country? If it’s the city then it’s pinstripes and smart but the country wedding can be softened up with browns and greens plus you can even consider having a bit of tweed. Brown leather shoes go with everything and make sure that you have a base layer so that you don’t need a bulky coat.

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