The Wool Industry Fights Back

Few sights are more British than sheep grazing in a field. The British Wool Marketing Board estimates that the UK, along with New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa is one of world’s biggest wool producers, producing almost 22,000 tons a year.

Wool, once an important part of the UK textiles industry, is in decline due to the competition of man-made fibres. Fast fashion has also pushed for synthetics that are cheaper and the prices paid to farmers have fallen. This has put tremendous pressure on the wool industry right across the globe.

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Wool has been fighting to recover its former prominence within the UK wardrobe in the face of the crisis. Woolmark and British Wool Marketing Board are among the organisations that aim to increase use, price and profile of wool. Innovative manufacturers are creating new high-tech uses for the fibre that was once considered a traditional one that was a bit behind the times.

The rise of synthetics and cheap materials is what has led to the decline of wool. However, the Campaign for Wool was launched in 2010 in order to raise awareness about the benefits of wool in clothing. Feeling inspired? Get knitting! For a Knitting Kit, go to a site like

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Wool Week, a campaign to raise awareness of the importance of wool, will take place this year in October. The “Wool BnB”, a hotel that will feature everything from carpets to clothing made out from the material, will spearhead the initiative.

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