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Three Roof Problems to Check for in the Spring

Now that the winter is over, it is nice to get back out in the garden and further afield and enjoy spending more time outdoors. Something that we should think about in the spring is the roof of our home. It has kept us warm and dry all winter, but the ravages of the winter weather may have left the roof in need of some help. Getting a professional like this Cheltenham roofing company stormroofingltd.co.uk in to give your roof a health check is a good idea at this time of the year – here are some of the common spring roofing problems that they might find…

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Cracks in the Membrane – Underneath the top layer of the roof is the membrane – this is a vital layer that prevents any moisture on the roof from getting past it, keeping everything under it dry. However, long periods of wet weather we commonly have in the winter, combined with the rapid temperature changes we often see as we go from winter to spring can lead to this protective layer cracking and then not being able to keep moisture out. This can lead to further damage to the roof and leaks. This is something that should be kept a close eye out for, especially in older roofs.

Sealant Damage – The sealants on your roof protect it from flashing, but the weather conditions in winter can cause these materials to warp or contract. Having an inspection on the roof for this in the spring is the best time of the year to do it and can catch these problems early before they become a larger and more expensive issue.

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Plants – Over winter the moist conditions and the strong winds can provide plants and seeds with the ability to spread. Of course, in the natural world this is what they rely on to get around. However, it is not great when you have plants that have taken root on your roof! Checking for this in the spring is important as you will be able to get the plants moved to a more suitable location before they cause any damage. Also look out for moss that might be growing around tiles or in the gutters, as this can also cause roof issues.

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