How to Plan an Epic Outdoor Office Party

When you run a large company, it is important to schedule an annual work event, to let your employees let their hair down and enjoy themselves. These types of events are great for team bonding and giving your employees a change of scenery away from the workplace. If you want to change things up for an indoor event, you may want to consider hosting your own outdoor office party. In this article, we will explore how you can make your outdoor work party a success.

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During your outdoor party, it is important to schedule fun and engaging activities for your employees to take part in. Consider setting up team-building exercises, outdoor games such as volleyball or tug of war, or interactive activities such as scavenger hunts. These types of activities help to promote camaraderie among your colleagues and also encourage teamwork which should transfer to their work when they are back in the office.

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If you are scheduling an outdoor event, you will most likely want to do this during the summer to avoid harsh weather conditions. However, you can never fully trust the weather, so it may be a good idea to hire a marquee for your event in case the rain starts to pour. Marquees offer a space where your employees can relax during the event and sit down and enjoy some food and drink. You can decorate your marquee with lighting and banners to make it more appealing to your guests. Make sure you hire a marquee that is big enough to accommodate all of your employees. You can contact a Marquee Hire Gloucester company that can supply and set up a marquee for your event so you do not have to worry about it. An example of one of these companies is

Although you will want to make this event as fun as possible for your employees, it is also your responsibility to ensure that everyone remains safe. To do this, you will need to set up designated first aid stations in case anyone has an accident, and make sure that the event is well-lit as evening approaches. Also, if you are serving alcohol, it is your responsibility to ensure that everyone has a safe ride home planned or there are designated drivers allocated to get everyone else home safely.

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