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Get Your Auto Repair Shop Ready for Winter With an Updated POS System!

Prepare for the busiest time of year for your shop with an updated POS system. Your auto shop can expect additional service calls, scheduled tune-ups and tire replacement services as the temperatures drop, so what better time to order a Clover cash register and streamline your payment processing system. Find out how you can tune-up your shop with the latest in processing technology before the holiday rush.

Update Your Scheduling System

When your phone is ringing off the hook and you’re being bombarded with email service requests, it’s time to overhaul your scheduling system. Give it the update it deserves with modern POS software. The latest systems give you access to comprehensive management of phone call, in-person and online scheduling requests. Never double-book your mechanics again with an intuitive, synchronized schedule.

Offer Cash Discounts

Extra business is a great thing, but this busy time of year can also mean extra competition. Your competitors may be running seasonal discounts, winter-time rewards or other incentives to take some of your customers. Grow your business by offering a credit card processing cash discount program.

This program allows you to cover up to 95% of your processing fees by offering a cash discount. Instead of paying for credit card fees yourself, simply include this price in the total of your products and services. Offering an instant cash discount rewards customers who choose to pay with cash, since these payments don’t incur a processing fee.

Streamline Your Payment Processing

If you’ve ever waited for a slow credit card processor or been the victim of credit card information theft, you understand how important it is to have the latest payment processing system. Rapid transactions with the latest encryption help avoid an unpleasant holiday surprise. Identity theft is a real risk as you run card after card through your POS system, so be sure you have the very best in digital protection.

Mobile Clover systems allow your mechanics and customer service agents to process payments throughout your facility. Your customers no longer have to leave the shop and step into the office to receive their bill, but you can use contactless payment options and mobile receipt printing technology to finish the transaction right in the garage or parking lot. This helps customers enjoy their fully restored vehicle quickly and conveniently.

Effortlessly Track Your Inventory

Parts seem to fly off the shelves in the winter months. In a blink you may run out of a popular motor oil weight, brake pads, tires or other essential inventory. Stay ahead of the rush and get instant notifications about your inventory. The latest POS systems automatically update your inventory and create easily accessible reports to monitor your must-have parts.

Prepare for the Winter Season With a New POS System

Stay ahead of the holiday rush and keep your customers satisfied with a new automotive POS system. Find out how you can update your system with minimal retraining, virtually no downtime and a surprisingly low cost. Keep up with the times to offer dependable services and consistent scheduling for your auto shop.

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