Sheep Facts Are Fascinating

You might not give much thought to sheep when wearing wool or driving past them in their fields. However, there is a secret sheep life, and they harbour some fascinating facts! Here are some unusual things you might not know about sheep:

  1. A sheep’s wool would grow forever

There was an infamous sheep from New Zealand back in 2004 who hid in a cave for six years to avoid being sheared. When he was finally caught and given his overdue haircut, there was enough wool to make 20 men’s suits! In neighbouring Australia, one sheep called Chris provided a whopping 89 pounds of yarn! Wild sheep will shed naturally, but domestic breeds will have growing wool. A single pound of wool can create 10 miles of yarn. For a range of womens irish sweaters, go to

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  1. Sheep have almost 360 vision

Unusually, sheep have rectangular pupils, which provide them with incredible peripheral vision. This is crucial when you’re prey to numerous other animals and need a solid surrounding idea for protection. The field of the image is 270 to 320 degrees, whereas an average human only has 155 degrees. At least that would have aided the shepherd in keeping an entire flock safe from harm.

  1. A sheep’s upper lip

The upper lip of a sheep has a groove separating the right and left called a philtrum

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  1. A sheep on its back can’t get up

Those who are overweight, heavily pregnant, or carrying a big load of heavy fleece struggle considerably to get themselves up if they fall and land on their backs. Such sheep are known as cast sheep. If you ever see a sheep in this predicament, they are likely very stressed and scared. Find a farmer and help to roll them back over.

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