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Important dates in the evolution of mobile phones

We tend to think of mobile phones as a product of the late twentieth century. While this was the first time they were widely used and available, it’s also accurate that the development was started much earlier than that. For example, a trip to Vodafone Athy, one of the many places public through is just one way of getting hold of a new one. So what were the main developments in Mobile phone creation?

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We must go back to the start of the twentieth century to see the real beginning. The idea of a portable phone was first launched after the first world war. It was decided that battlefield communications could be significantly improved if there was an immediate source of radio to report back to the commanders.

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During the second world war, this idea came to fruition with the radio operator. This was a large pack carried by the soldier in question. They had to wind the radio up to get a signal and then call into HQ. Both sides found they could direct artillery fire or call for backup. This was a further advance in the Vietnam war.

Away from wars, the tv show Star Trek featured handheld communicators that inspired many young inventors to develop the idea. They used wartime walkie-talkie radio technology to lay the groundwork. Modern phones work on a similar system of using radio waves to convey conversations

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