Explore a City with the Questo App

There are tons of city exploration games available online. The Questo app is a city exploration game in real life. Cities offer a lot of things to do and explore, and you can get lost easily when you’re inside one. But with a good map, an explorer’s spirit, and some fun friends by your side, exploring a city is possible without breaking a sweat.

How to play the Questo city exploration game?

To start having fun with Questo, you just have to follow a few very simple steps: download its application for free, which works on iOS and Android, select which city you are in and see all the activities you have available there. Since last October, their catalog has had more than 50 locations available, spread over countries in Europe, Asia, and America. By magic, the city becomes a game board before your eyes where you have to demonstrate your detective skills by solving challenges and gradually finding the clues, they give you, to discover all the points of interest and even the least hidden corners. Visited and away from conventional tourism.

Features of the city exploration game

Fun for any age

The ideal free city exploration game has to offer something for everyone. People ranging from children who want to learn by playing through middle-aged and elderly of any age can all have a good time with the Questo app’s activities that use landmarks close at hand as obstacles and guideposts on boardwalks.

Zero time constraints

The Questo game lets you go slow if you want to, but it also has a time limit on the amount of time allowed for each challenge. This is usually enough to carry out varied functions requiring dexterity and skill where clever planning and foresight can help in solving each one. None of our activities requires any special equipment or additional knowledge – ideally, all that’s needed is curiosity!

Solve puzzles, crack riddles

The scenarios that come with the app include fun scenes (like solving riddles, finding hidden objects, or retrieving clues), tests of logic and reasoning skills, and others that require physical movement, such as races through a park. Special features like those in the treasure hunt scenario can take longer to solve but are trickier!

Discover new places

One of the key attractions of this game is that it integrates a city map in addition to its gems and landmarks. You can use them as a regular search engine by using your device camera for guidance or look up additional information on destinations before you visit them – just download their guidebook if you need more than local sightseeing tips!

Mobile app

The Questo free app makes it extremely easy to navigate both within the city and between cities since these can all be stored on your phone. Everything is supported by GPS, so you’ll instantly access all.

In short, with Questo, you become the main character in a story that, through an interactive game, has the objective of making your trip the most fun experience.

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