Modern groom suits 7 styles according to your personality

Modern groom suits chosen with a practical vision, without diminishing the prestige of the wedding. Currently, wedding dresses that include some vintage or extravagant elements are seen. Boyfriends who jump protocols and with the best style give a touch of sophistication to the suit.

Modern wedding suits: Trends 2019

best groom suits

This year’s new collection by designer   takes inspiration from the glamour and jazz of the 1920 with its contemporary touches. While another designer like Carlos proposes the Mao collar, tailored tuxedo and short tailcoat in a range of black and blue colors.

Classic and formal groom suits

The classic and dark suit is essential for the groom to be elegant and formality to the wedding. The custom in marriage is to opt for a more traditional suit, but it does not mean that you can not include your modern touch to the suit.

The tuxedo and tails are the most typical garments in this style. The tuxedo consists of: black jacket, dark blue, garnet or white with satin flap,  white or ivory shirt with pigeon collar , sash, pants, socks and black shoes. Add chic details in modern groom suits.

The ideal shirts to combine with the tuxedo are fashionable for cocktail events and weddings . Normally they are white color made with white cotton and linen fabrics. The neck is usually complemented with a black or colored bow to not be so classic.

An even more formal option is the tail coat that has a penguin cut in the back. The most suitable colors are gray and black. The coat is used in ceremonies of great gala. They manage to give  maximum etiquette to marriage and protocol events.

Casual style boyfriend suits

Modern groom suits

Grooms who feel uncomfortable with formal modern wedding suits choose a more casual outfit. You do not need to show a design that is expensive. It could also be rent instead of buying it or putting it together with the clothes you have. For example a white shirt and an informal vest or jacket to which you can add a small touch with an accessory.

More and more the couple is betting on dressing in different colors. It is necessary to be animated, but without losing the elegance. In early afternoon or early evening weddings we recommend getting out of the traditional.

Wedding groom suit: hipster look

The hipster culture is already a trend that has conditioned the way of life and adds to the modern wedding suits. It is an alternative path to the classic that establishes a different way of dressing. The typical characteristics of hipster style men are the long beard and antique style sunglasses. Evade the classic canons of marriage protocol, for example instead of choosing a classic black jacket choose the color and flashy prints. In some cases you do not even wear a tie.

Wedding Suits: Vintage

The vintage style is characterized by going back in time creating a retro expression. The components of a suit with vintage style can be the handles, bows and vests. A good slim cut  will make the groom look stylish and elegant with a hint of time. Felt hats and shoes with laces of fine and quality sole.

The most used colors in this vintage style are brown, old pink and dull blue.

Different groom suits: Rocker

For the bride and groom of this type, the black leather jacket is inevitable. The shirts can be striped black and white or red squares, since this color contrasts very well with black. The pants are tight. The most commonly used shoes are boots. You can add some detail of studs somewhere in the suit.

Wedding suits for day wedding, in the palaya

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If the wedding is on the beach, the groom can look more casual. Performing a day event with a bohemian or  hippy chic character is fun. We recommend avoiding using bright or metallic colors on the beach. No need to wear a tie and you can abandon the formal style. To walk comfortably on the sand both the bride and groom can wear sandals .

Extravagant man wedding suits

There is a diversity of fabrics and designs with patterned fabrics. Many times the glamour is given by the details. The colors are out of the ordinary and is accepted by the couple who want to show off in a more bizarre way. They are more striking and eccentric when choosing the color that favors them most. The vests and ties can also attract attention with the fuchsias and patterns playing with the texture of the fabrics.

How to bring color and energy with accessories to a semi-formal suit?

When we include details of handkerchiefs and flowers, the dress adds elegance. The flowers buttonhole  can give you a more fun look and be combined with the bride ‘s bouquet. The handles are ideal for a vintage style groom suit and the sash can give a more classic touch.

Both bows, birds with different colors  and ties with logos or scarves usually give a tint of color and make the suit a distinguished garment.

Accessories of the groom complementary to the suit

Choosing the wedding suit for the wedding is a job, but accompanying it with the ideal accessories is a pleasure that gives the completion to the groom’s look.

The most important accessories are:

  • Pocket handkerchief
  • Tie or bows
  • Cufflinks and tiebreaker
  • Buttonhole with floral detail
  • Shoes
  • Watch and jewelry
  • modern wedding suits
  • Modern wedding suits

Rental of suits for the groom

If the groom is used to wearing casual clothes, it would be enough to rent the suit for the wedding. If the budget is tight, it does not make sense to buy a new garment to use it very little or only that day. The rent of the suit would be sufficient and with a  change of accessories  will give a different look to the groom. There are fewer and fewer rules. Belt, shoes or shirt and tie could be different for the civilian and the ceremony.

There are companies dedicated to making and renting outfits for both the groom and sponsors, children and guests.

Before deciding to rent, you will surely have several questions: time in advance to make the reservation, the provision of sizes, the subsequent cleaning.

The choice of designer clothes with a perfect fit and professional finish in some opportunities should have personalized advice according to your style and personality.

Beauty for the Boyfriend

discover modern groom suits

It is taken for granted that the bride will do everything to look splendid. The groom will also need to see himself shine on the day of the wedding.

It is a good time for a change. Why not try a facial hydration treatment ? It is also important to look at the diet. Eat less fat and add more vitamins to your daily diet. Incorporate dishes rich in fruits and vegetables to look better in modern groom suits.

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