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Four Best Crowdfunding Platforms You Should Consider For Your Business

We almost can’t pass through a single month without witnessing the launch of some kind of startup, whether in our local area or across the world. To fully function, some of these startups always require investors and crowdfunding, which are the best ways to pave a successful path for the future of the startup.

Crowdfunding is a way to help raise funds from a large number of individuals, local or international. A large number of people can pool out small, individual investments to raise the capital needed to grow a new company or idea. The amazing thing about Crowdfunding is that anybody can launch. From big companies to the small ones, charities and individuals can launch a campaign to support any specific causes, and anyone can contribute for support.

In this article coming from casino france, we’ve listed a few popular crowdfunding websites.


Kickstarter is one of the most popular crowdfunding platforms known across the world. Kickstarter give creators access to a resource they need to bring their ideas to reality. The company has helped over 15 million musicians, artists, designers, filmmakers, and other creatives raise $3.7 billion in funding to finance over 143,000 projects. In this platform, you have to reach the goals set in a time frame you selected, or else the money will be returned to every individual that participated.

It’s free to create an account on Kickstarter. If you get funded, however, a 5% charge will be paid to the platform from the money you collected. Fees ranging from 3-5% will be processed.


This platform can not only be used for crowdfunding, it also serves as an online marketplace for innovative products. Indiegogo has been able to help entrepreneurs raise $1 billion for more than 650,000 projects. On this platform, you don’t have to set a time frame for raising funds, as it involves no fundraising goals or deadlines. Equity, securities, revenue sharing and the sales of cryptocurrencies can all be used. 

A 5% fee is charged by the platform as well as a third-party processing fee. Around 19,000 campaigns are being launched on the Indiegogo platform each month. It can be accessed in over 235 countries across the globe.


Patreon is popular amongst musicians, writers, artists, and other creators who earn money by creating an online membership service for their patrons. The income stream on this platform will be generated by the fans of the creators as they have to pay the monthly fee to access exclusive events and VIP content. It was revealed that creators have raised over $350 million.

Patreon has three plans available for the creators, Lite, Pro and Premium. For the “Lite” plan the charge is 5% of the amount of money earned on Patron, the “Pro” plan charge 8%, while the “Premium” plans cost 12% fees. The Lite plan is meant to pave the path for creators, Pro will help them create membership options, while Premium was created for established creators or companies with a minimum revenue of $2500 per month. The good thing is that you can switch between the Lite and Pro Plans at any time. The Premium plan, however, requires a commitment of three months.


You’ve probably heard of GoFundMe on social media several times. This platform helps people in raising money for anything from personal healthcare fees to local business support. The platform was established in 2010 and has been able to raise over $9 billion in donations from over 120 million gifts, which include users from real money casino usa.

It is quite easy to create a GoFundMe page. All you have to do is set the amount you intend to raise, then tell your story and pitch to impress possible investors. You can also insert images and videos. You will be given the ability to track the funds you receive through a dashboard, where you can write up appreciation notes, withdraw funds, and many more.

 The great thing about this platform is that it doesn’t charge a fee for campaigns. However, it charges processing fees that are usually 1.9 per cent for each transaction. There are no deadlines or time limits.

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