Four signs of a faulty boiler to be aware of

Coming home to a cold house or not having any water are two of the major inconveniences experienced when you have a faulty boiler. Thankfully, in many cases, an inconvenience is all it is, with most problems easily fixed with a quick call to a professionally-trained and registered engineer; however, there are times when a fault with your boiler can be dangerous.

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Dangerous boilers can kill. Knowing the signs that could mean you need to stop using your boiler and call in the experts immediately could save lives.

Four signs to look out for

If you notice any of the following signs, stop using your boiler straight away. They mean your appliance is dangerous and you should call a Gas Safe registered engineer immediately.

1. Smelling fumes or gas.
2. Feeling nauseous or getting headaches while your boiler is on.
3. Noticing a yellow flame on your pilot light, or having it constantly go out.
4. Seeing signs of scorching or black soot marks.

The dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning are very real, so the above signs should never be ignored.

Most boiler faults are safe

Thankfully, the majority of today’s modern, room-sealed boilers are already fitted with numerous safety precautions, such as thermostats, pressure relief valves, overheat stats and oxygen depletion sensors. This means that if your boiler has a potentially dangerous fault, it should just cut-off and refuse to work until it has been made safe again; however, some older appliances don’t have the same safety checks built in and it is vital that you are aware of the tell-tale signs that your boiler may have a problem.

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There are many common faults that all boilers may experience. Although these can be annoying, they are usually perfectly safe.

Even with the most modern boiler, it is vital to ensure it is serviced annually. This should always be done by qualified and experienced engineers who specialise in boiler service in Gloucester, such as

However tempting it may be to try to fix a problem yourself, you should never attempt it unless you are a qualified gas registered engineer. Incorrectly set up or maintained gas appliances can kill, so this is a job you should most definitely leave to the experts.


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