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List of 5 hazards in the home and how to prevent

Accidents in the house can occur at any time. Discover the list of common hazards in the home and what precautions to take. Water leaks, short circuits, theft, and wear of structures over time. These are some of the most common accidents that can occur in your home. Being prepared is essential to cover any damage, including some of the most feared scenarios, such as fires or floods.

List of 5 hazards in the home

That is why it is necessary to have the coverage of good multi-risk home insurance — one of the smartest decisions for you and your family. You will always be protected against any unforeseen event.

Floods and water damage

1. Floods and water damage

According to a study published by ISEA, it is the most common damage in Spanish households, accounting for 30.1% of domestic claims. It includes water leaks, the mismatch in the closure of faucets or stopcocks, broken pipes. Having hired home insurance, you can stay calm in case you have damages. Such as if your radiator loses water and spoils the ground, we assume the damages in the assets that you have insured.

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Electrical damage and breakdowns

2. Electrical damage and breakdowns of household appliances

Assistance services represent 21.5% in the study of ISEA. In any home, it is known that electrical, carpentry or plumbing repairs are also part of everyday life. You can never be sure if there is any significant electrical damage.

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This is why assistance is often required for simple issues, such as replacing plugs or installing a television. Although in some cases this type of service is provided at an extra cost, Zurich offers it to you as part of the home policy. The free service of Handyman in-house allows realizing small works of repair and maintenance of the house without any additional cost.

Minor repairs can help prevent major hazards, such as short-circuit fires or gas leaks. Although the policies cover these major claims, a timely call to respond to a minor incident in time can save the home from possible major damages.

mirror broken in home

3. Breakage of crystals and mirrors

The breaking of glass and mirrors is another of the most common damages and represents 15.8% of the claims, according to data from ISEA. And with home insurance, if you break the kitchen counter, we cover your cost, transportation, and placement, and this adds to the repair of accidents that may affect marbles and granite.

Robberies and thefts

4. Robberies and thefts

Vandalism is part of the risks that occur both outside and inside homes, and would also be covered by a multi-risk policy. It is essential to declare and specify in detail the importance and cost of everything you decide to insure. For example, if the unit value of an object exceeds 3,000 dollars, it will be considered as a jewel or an object of special value. That must be declared at the time of making the personalization of the policy.

Urgent locksmith

5. Urgent locksmith

Not all insurers cover the work of a locksmith, but some insurance does. So, if you do not find the keys, you have lost them, or they have been stolen, they pay the locksmith to solve your problem or even replace the lock.

How to prevent accidents in the home?

Prevention begins by paying attention to small details, from closing the water turn off valves when you are staying outside from home for a long time, to requesting timely assistance in the event of electrical or gas faults. Also, make sure to close the doors and windows very well when leaving home.

prevent accidents in the home
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However, being cautious is not enough. A good multi-risk policy will be your best ally to guarantee your peace of mind and that of your family. When looking for the policy that best suits your needs, you must take into account the distinction between the terms continent and content. The first is everything that would not fall if you went around your house (roof, walls, etc.), while the second is what would fall (furniture or appliances).

If you are an owner, you will be more interested in hiring a policy that includes both coverages. However, if the property is rented, it will make more sense to ensure only the content. Share the list of 5 hazards in the home with family members and neighbors to keep them alert.

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