How to reset a hoverboard?

Sometimes it may be necessary to reset the hoverboard, so that small configuration errors can be corrected that with time and use tend to suffer from this type of device. In this post, we are going to tell you the steps to reset a hoverboard in a generic way, since depending on the model and the manufacturer’s brand the method that you will see below may not work for you, although it is common to most devices.

How to reset hoverboard

In any case, it is always highly recommended to take a look at the instruction manual provided by the manufacturer itself to be sure of the solutions to possible faults that you find depending on the specific model you have.

Follow these small steps to reset your hoverboard and leave it fully configured as if it came directly from the factory.

Before starting it is necessary to find a smooth and level surface, to avoid errors during the calibration of the hoverboard. Normally this process is usually done on the floor of the house in a place wide enough to be able to maneuver comfortably.

Once the device is placed on this surface, we check that it is completely off and we level the two skates (left and right) with our hands, gently matching the marks of one and the other on the axis of the hoverboard, and leaving the device also level. with respect to the ground or surface that we have chosen.

As soon as both parts are well-positioned and level, we press the power button and leave it pressed for several seconds (depending on the specific model it may take between 5 and 15 seconds generally) until the hoverboard emits a beep.

For a few moments, the hoverboard will be calibrated, a process during which it usually emits a beep or a light may be displayed. After this process, the green indicator will tell you that the hoverboard is now ready for normal use.

There are endless videos on the internet that show how to calibrate a hoverboard, so if after these instructions you still have any questions, you can always go to YouTube and take a look at the suggestions of hundreds of users who show their advice there process.

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