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How do you replace a basement window in a concrete foundation?

Replacing a basement window can be a messy job. The process is easy enough, but it’s also messy and full of dust and debris. Don’t worry! We’ll walk you through the steps from start to finish so that you can easily replace your basement window. The article is presented by houseilove.com.

How do you replace a basement window in a concrete foundation?

Once your new window is in place, let it sit for at least 24 hours before moving on to the next step. This will ensure that the concrete has had time to cure and is no longer wet.

Gather the materials

The first step in replacing your basement window is gathering all the necessary materials. This can be done in two ways. You can also see the steps of replacing steel frame basement windows.

Buying them from a hardware store (probably the most expensive way)

Gathering them from around your home or other properties owned by you (probably the cheapest way, but also more time-consuming.)

To save money and time, I recommend going with option two. However, buying everything new will be easier if you’re pressed for either of these things.

How do you replace a basement window in a concrete foundation
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Put on safety equipment

When replacing a basement window, you’ll want to ensure that you’re adequately prepared. First, put on safety glasses and gloves. Then, suit up in protective clothing–preferably something long-sleeved with a neck protector so that no skin is exposed above the waist.

If there’s any chance of damage to your home or personal property during the process of replacing the basement window (e.g., if you’re working with power tools), it’s also a good idea to cover anything that could get damaged with some cardboard or other temporary protection.

Install the window

Once the old window is removed, clean the surface of the concrete where you’ll be installing your new window. Now you can install the new window. Make sure it’s secured with screws or bolts, so it doesn’t move. After this, check for leaks by spraying water on all sides of the window and checking for any water droplets that may appear on other surfaces.

If there are no leaks after checking all sides of your new basement window installation, congratulations! You’ve completed this part of replacing a basement window in a concrete foundation!

Put in wood framing

Now that you have the wood framing in place, use a level to ensure its level with the floor and outside of your basement window.

Use a hammer and nails to secure it. Make sure you’re using plenty of nails. You don’t want this wood framing coming loose from any part of your concrete foundation!

This step can be tricky if you’ve never used tools before, but once you get used to hammering, it will become second nature.

Mount the window frame in the opening

Before you can install the window frame, you need to make sure that it is level. To do this, place a level on the top of the frame and adjust it until it is level with the concrete around it.

Once your frame is level, use a hammer and nails to fasten it into place in your opening. When using a hammer, make sure that you don’t hit any other part of your foundation or basement wall. Before driving nails into any wooden piece of material like plywood or lumber (which includes windows), make sure there’s no chance. They could break through other materials or cause damage farther inside your home by drilling pilot holes for each nail first!

Fill the space around the window frame with concrete

Fill the space around the window frame with concrete, using a level and wood shims to ensure its level and even across the frame.

Use a trowel to spread the concrete evenly over the surface of your basement floor. Make sure you reach into every corner of your foundation wall and any other places where rain might collect in your basement (such as along pipes and ducts).

Wait at least two weeks for your new concrete floor to cure before installing baseboards or doorjambs on top of it. Otherwise, they’ll fill up with moisture!

Make sure the concrete is level and even across the window frame

Check that the concrete is level. A simple way to do this is to use a level and ensure it’s even across the window frame.

Use a trowel (or putty knife) to ensure it’s even with the rest of the concrete in your basement and hasn’t sunk since you poured it. If there needs to be more material on top of the foundation, try adding more concrete before installing your new window frame.

Add a layer of mortar to seal it

Once the window frame is in place and the opening is filled, you will need to add a mortar layer around the window’s perimeter. Make sure that when you apply it, you spread it evenly across all sides, so there aren’t any gaps or dips in your sealant. To avoid any issues with water getting into your home after installation, ensure that this layer covers every section where water could get into your basement.

Once you’ve applied mortar, allow this layer to dry for approximately 24 hours before removing any wood framing around it (including casing and base trim).


Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Call a professional if you need assistance or can’t get the window installed yourself. They will know how to properly deal with the concrete foundation so that everything is level, even when they put it in the window frame.

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