How Much Faith Should You Place in Website Design Good Practices?

Creating a business website means being aware of best practices regarding design, functionality and layout. These best practices have been developed and refined over the years with the aim of providing a series of guidelines that should ensure that websites provide genuine value to visitors.

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Of course, as with so many things in life, rules are made to be broken, and sometimes it pays to think outside the box and forge your own path. But how do you know what aspects of website design you and your design team should adhere to?

Seek Expert Advice

A recent article in Forbes points out that creating a website that appeals to the business owner’s tastes isn’t necessarily desirable or effective. The site must appeal to prospective customers, making it almost impossible for them to ignore your calls to action, if it’s to achieve the best possible results.

This is where it pays handsomely to have a professional experienced team of web designers and developers on hand. Knowledgeable experts in their field, such as, a website design company Gloucester-based but producing effective websites throughout the UK, know when rules need to be adhered to and when they can be broken, which is something which can only be learned through experience of the industry.

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Following the Crowd Isn’t Always Helpful

Best practices for website design include numerous elements, such as navigation, layout, where to place Calls to Action for maximum return and a host of other factors. These have been set out over time according to trial and error, providing a blueprint that some web designers adhere to slavishly.

But it’s only by careful analysis of your website data, including bounce rates, abandoned shopping carts and overall conversions, that an informed decision can be made about whether or not to go ‘off piste’ with your design ideas.

Deciding to go out on a limb with design elements can sometimes pay handsomely, whereas sometimes it can have the opposite effect. A good web design team will assess your site’s performance both before and after making changes, allowing you to see for yourself what works and what doesn’t.

Throwing out the rule book is sometimes the right way to go, but should only be undertaken after thorough consultation with your website developers.

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