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How to clean a bathroom floor step by step

Do you need help cleaning the bathroom floor? For hygiene and a decorative issue, the cleanliness of our home is essential especially in the rooms that we use very often such as the bathroom and the kitchen. In these environments, cleaning and maintenance must be extremely rigorous, since dirt can be a dangerous source of infection of all types of diseases. Do not worry because we explain everything you need to know about how to clean a bathroom floor.

How to clean a bathroom floor?

how to clean a bathroom floor

1. First of all, empty the room to clean the bathroom floor more comfortably and without discomfort. So remove the furniture, textiles and decorative accessories to clean better.

2. Before cleaning the bathroom floor, we recommend that you do not forget to remove the dust and clean the toilet, sink, mirror, shelves, shelves, tiles, shower, bathtub, etc. very well. And once you’re finished, you can clean the floor.

3. Remember also to ventilate the bathroom, opening the windows well to circulate clean air. And do not forget to wash the textiles in the washing machine. So, you do not have to place dirty items on the floor. Do not leave any details when cleaning the bathroom.

Clean the toilet floor

4. The last step will be to clean the bathroom floor, once the rest of the stay is completely clean. But first of all start by sweeping well to remove accumulated traces of dirt, do not leave any corner and make sure to sweep dust and dirt well everywhere. If necessary, you can use a cloth for difficult access areas such as behind the toilet.

5. Once all this is done, we will have to clean the floor of the bathroom with detergent to disinfect the room. Use special bleach for these types of surfaces that you will find for sale in any supermarket, with the help of a mop you will have to clean the floor with an emphasis on the areas where more dirt accumulates. And as in the previous step, our advice is to use an old toothbrush or a cloth to clean very well the areas where the mop can not reach.

6. And what can we do when the dirt takes some time and is so dry that it is very difficult to remove? A very effective homemade trick is to moisten these areas with common vinegar and leave on overnight. The next day you can clean the floor as you usually do.

Clean the toilet

Clean the toilet

No matter how much we clean the toilet, there will be a water level mark that seems indelible. For it to be removed, you must rub alcohol; then grab a sponge of dishes, put soap and size a little … do not think it’s impossible.

How about our showers and sinks are all stained even if they are clean? It is not your fault if the water has a lot of lime white or opaque spots are typical. To remove this and to shine again use flour. Sprinkle them with a little and then rub the faucets with a cotton cloth.

Clean the bathroom sink

Clean the sink

When had it occurred to you that the oil was going to make you smile? When you see how shiny your sink is, you will have it. Wash it as always and then wipe it with a cloth moistened with oil.

And you, do you know how to clean a bathroom floor?

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