How to get clay in stardew valley?

The clay is one of the elements that we can build in our stardew valley farm through carpentry and its basic function is to allow us to store large amounts of hay.

This is one of the objects that we will need the most in the game, especially if we want to dedicate ourselves to livestock (which is integrated into the agriculture skill ) or, in other words, to the care of farm animals.

How to get clay in stardew valley?

To get the clay, you will first have to collect the following materials:

  • 100 coins: Something that will not be very difficult to get even on the game’s first day.
  • 100 stone: It is obtained by chopping the small stones that you find. You will have lots on your farm when you start and when you start, you have lots in the mine.
  • Clay 10: This can appear when digging in the ground, so you will almost accidentally get it. It can also appear in the geodes (you have to take them to clint), usually appearing mostly in the mine again.
  • 5 copper ingots: Copper is the easiest mineral to obtain in stardew valley. There are loads of it in the first 39 levels of the mine. To get the ingot, you will have to use a smelting furnace and coal. You can also buy ingots from clint.

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As you can see, the materials are very common and easy to obtain. For this reason, clay is usually recommended as the first building that you should build, and it will also come in handy.

Once you have gathered all the materials, you just have to go to robin’s shop, the carpenter of stardew valley. She will be the one to build the building, but it will take a few days to have it ready. In the meantime, you will see her working on your farm. It is a building that occupies 3 × 3 squares. Read more: How to make a secret door in Minecraft?

What is the clay for?

The clay will allow us to store a total of 240 units of hay, but this is only one of the qualities it offers.

By having the clay built on the farm, there will be a 50% probability of being filled with a hay unit each time we cut with the scythe (it has to be yes or yes the scythe) an area of grass. The one that usually appears from the farm and the same one that the animals under your care can eat.

This is by far the most economical and viable way to gather a pile of hay. Also, keep in mind that you can also store all the hay you have in the clay and access it from the stables and corals. You will see a kind of container from which you can obtain hay as long as you have it available in the clay.

Oh, and I almost forgot, if you want to know when hay you have stored in your clay (you can have more than one if you want), you just have to interact with it and a message will appear in which they will tell you.

What is hay for?

As I have already mentioned, hay is used mainly in livestock since with it we can feed the farm animals. However, they prefer to eat directly from the natural grass (it can be planted by buying a grass patch from pierre), which the default should be the feeding method of your choice.

But that does not mean that it is very important to keep storing hay just in case since if for some reason your animals cannot go out on a certain day (as happens throughout the winter or when it rains), you will have to feed them yes or yes with hay. Otherwise, they will lower their friendship level with you, they will stop producing products and when they do, they will be of worse quality.

Without the clay, you will have no choice but to go buy Marnie’s hay and this will be much more expensive, not to mention the convenience of not having to go there. So you already know.

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