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How to Install Outdoor Carpet

If during the beautiful summer days we want to enjoy the outdoor space of our house, the outdoor carpet will provide comfortable and soft flooring for our feet. Furthermore, it can add great economic and comfortable value to the entire home as it provides great final quality, making the outdoor space more similar to an indoor room. Today outdoor carpeting is available in a wide variety of colors and textures and the application is quite simple to perform. Let’s see how to install outdoor carpet.

How to install outdoor carpet?

You will need:

  • Outdoor carpet
  • Double-sided tape
  • Scissors
  • Line
  • Metallic roller

how to install outdoor carpet

Prepare the area

Before starting with the installation of the carpet, it is necessary to clean the entire area free of any trace of dirt and other debris. If we have already removed an external floor, we will have to make sure that all traces of adhesive, mortar or wood are completely removed and that the surface is perfectly smooth and clean. We spread the carpet over the area to be covered, let it sit for a few hours to expand and roll to its real size. In fact, when the carpet is rolled up, it tends to retreat a little. Therefore, if we let it expand it will return to its real dimensions. We temporarily avoid cutting excess parts.

Lay the carpet

After the carpet has expanded, we apply double-sided tape along the entire perimeter of the area without however removing the protective film. Otherwise, we risk making the installation process much more difficult. We center the carpet in the area so as to identify the excess quantity to be cut. If a part of the carpet tends to go up the wall, we make a vertical cut up to the edge and cut the superfluous part. We position a row along the cutting line in order to make a straight cut. At each corner, we perform a V-cut so that the carpet rests perfectly on the ground.

Fasten the carpet

We pull the carpet from any side to stretch it well, after which we remove the film from the double-sided tape by placing the carpet on it and making sure that all sides are well glued. To better adhere to the carpet to the double-sided tape, we roll a metal roller; this will further flatten the carpet and help us identify any bubbles or streaks, which in the case we can eliminate by simply ungluing the part of the carpet concerned and then gluing it again.

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