How to insulate your windows for winter

There is no doubt that replacing the windows in your home can be a big, expensive and messy job; however, there are few simple things you can do, especially in the run-up to winter, that will help your windows to perform at their best and keep you warm and toasty all winter long.

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Change your window dressings

One of the best ways to help insulate your windows is by changing the curtains and blinds; for example, you can reduce heat loss by up to one-quarter by using thermal curtains.

Don’t worry if your curtains match the colour scheme in the room and you don’t want to change them, as there are other ways to add insulation with your window dressings. Hanging thermal linings on your existing curtains is a great way to provide extra insulation. Similarly, you can add a honeycomb blind, which will allow the light in during the day but provide a layer of thermal insulation to stop heat escaping.

If your frames or seals are damaged beyond repair, thermal linings will not stop the heat escaping and you may have to bite the bullet and get them replaced. If this is the case and you are looking for new windows Dublin based specialists such as can help.

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Add extra insulation

There are myriad options on the market to add extra insulation to your windows, so let’s look at a few:

– Clear insulation film is a cheap way to add an additional layer to your windows. Be careful how you use it, as it can bubble and look terrible if it is not applied correctly.
– Similar in principle to the old-fashioned sausage-shaped draught excluders for doors, you can now get draught snakes for your windows. These lay across the window sill to prevent draughts getting in and heat getting out through any gaps. You can buy them or you can make your own by filling a tube of fabric with an absorbent filler such as rice.
– To seal gaps around the entire frame, you can add rubber stripping that self-sticks to the frame and covers any small gaps.

Take the time to make a few additions to your windows and doors in advance of winter. While it might be cold outside, your home will be warm and toasty.


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