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How to make banana pancakes without flour with only two ingredients

With only two ingredients you can mark a breakfast or a delicious dessert and also healthy. Here is the recipe for banana pancakes without sugar and flour that are very rich and take ten minutes to make them. Here, we’ll show how to make banana pancakes with only two ingredients. 

If you want to know how to make banana pancakes without flour, with only two ingredients, read on. It is more than easy, you will also have a nutritious and healthy resource to prepare breakfast, a dessert or a snack for both children and adults. To this, we must add that it is another of those recipes with which to take advantage of bananas that are very ripe. We have a bad habit of drinking soft drinks after snacks. Avoid it.

How to make banana pancakes

How to make banana pancakes

Two ingredients are enough to make these delicious banana crepes, although they could also be defined as banana tortillas because after all, it is a preparation based on egg and banana plantain. The fact is that you can prepare simple creps without flour and sugar, and you can eat them alone or accompany them with some chocolate or yogurt sauce, with peanut butter, with fresh fruit, with seeds … We hope you like them.

Ingredients (Per person)

  • 1 large and mature Canary plantain
  • 2 eggs
  • c / n of extra virgin olive oil.


Peel the banana, chop it and put it in a deep dish, cháfalo with a fork until you get a banana paste. Then add two eggs (you can also put an egg and a clear), beat with the fork until the two ingredients are integrated.

Put the pancake to heat painted with extra virgin olive oil, keep it on medium-high heat, and when hot pour a ladle of banana and egg dough, spread it over the entire surface of the pan and let it set.

How to make banana pancakes

If you are afraid that your crepe will break to turn it over, do not do it. Fold it, as when you roll the crepes to place them or before eating them. Make sure it is well cooked, it is easy and fast because it is a very thin pancake.

Remove the crepe from the pan and repeat the operation with the rest of the dough, three large creps can come out, but you can also make small pancakes using a small pan, a special pancake or pouring less dough.

Finishing and presentation

Serve the banana pancakes on the plate and savor what you prefer, peanut butter, chocolate sauce with no added sugar … you can also accompany it with fresh fruit. Bon Appetite!

Abbreviations: c / s = Soup spoon, c / p = Dessert spoon, c / c = Coffee spoon, c / n = Amount needed.

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