5 super special mothers day gifts from son to celebrate

We know that even though mom is not celebrated only one day a year, mothers’ day. It is a very special day for them in which they expect a little recognition from their children. That is why we have 5 mothers day gifts from son, fast and easy you can make to celebrate mothers’ day in a different and very original way. So that this special person can have an incredible time.

5 mothers day gifts from son

First of all, you must organize, in time and budget, you know that the smallest detail, your mom will always remember. So, do not complicate spending a lot but if you have prevented the time, it will take you to organize whatever you decide to do.

wish your mom

1. Prepare a very special morning

You can prepare a delicious breakfast with everything you like, from the sweet to the salty, you will see that just by being made by yourself you will love it. While you can read your favorite poem, talk like never before, you can deliver a greeting card or decorate the table with your favorite flowers.

Baked eggs with spinach: This is a delicious and simple breakfast to prepare. The eggs are cooked in a souffle mold that is filled with spinach and cream. Delicious!

Waffles with strawberry coulis: This basic recipe for waffles is served with a strawberry sauce. You can replace it with maple syrup and a little whipped cream.

Strawberry and raspberry smoothie: Frozen strawberries serve as ice and help keep the liquid cold.

Hotcakes with blackberries: Delicious homemade hotcakes with blackberries.

Organize a picnic

2. Organize a picnic in the park

Look in your community for a very nice park where you can take her to spend an incredible afternoon, take snacks easy to eat in the park, refreshing drinks and also bring a board game that can spend a very pleasant time, if not, a book that you know you might like and read it out loud.

Panini caprese: A caprese salad made a sandwich. A great option for a light but gourmet dinner.

Little sandwiches of cucumber and chervil: Cucumber sandwiches are typical of England for tea time. They also make a delicious snack.

Prosciutto panini: A gourmet sandwich with serrano ham, mozzarella, tomato and basil. It can be prepared on a grill.

Sandwich with grilled vegetables and goat cheese: Delicious sandwich with ciabatta bread stuffed with grilled vegetables and goat cheese.

favorite food

3. Cook your favorite food

There is nothing like the flavor of a mom, and every meal they make is done with such love that that is the main ingredient, this time what you can do to enjoy your day, is to cook what you like most and that with the whole family can enjoy that dish.

Mole colorado: The colored mole is similar to mole poblano but has no chocolate and contains more species. It is made with ancho chile, guajillo chile and spices.

Red pozole: With this recipe, you can learn how to prepare a delicious traditional pozole of Mexican culture.

Carbonara paste: Carbonara pasta is traditional Italian cuisine, with delicious flavors such as bacon and Parmesan cheese, ideal for a quick and easy to prepare meal.

Breaded chicken breasts: Breaded chicken breasts with high fiber cereal, and with Pam.

special gift for mothers day

4. Comfort it with details

Moms do not need something super extraordinary to make them happy, you can help them better organize their closet, take them to choose a new outfit, decorate their room with loving details, even see with her a movie like the ones she likes, you will see that she will be fascinated so just to spend time with you.

Coyotitas stuffed with dulce de leche: Delicious coyotitas stuffed with dulce de leche with bread. Perfect to accompany them with coffee or milk.

Almond tiles: Some delicious almond cookies, ideal for any occasion.

Tea biscuits: A very easy recipe for making fast and delicious cookies. They are ideal and versatile because they can accompany tea time.

Madeleines: Traditional French bread rolls.


5. Bake a cake

Moms are lovers of pastries, there is no cake to resist and this will be a very simple way to pamper and give a very delicious detail. There are many choices of cakes, from the simplest to the most complicated, if you are not an expert in the kitchen, do not worry, it is not that difficult.

Frothy tiramisu delight: Exquisite fusion of vanilla biscuit and a mixture of espresso aromas and pleasant sweet in its foamy consistency inspired by Milan.

Cake of three kinds of milk: Delicious cake bathed with milk. You can put it on top and it is delicious.

Almond cake: Delicious almond cake, prepare it for any occasion and decorate with red fruits of your choice.

Carrot cake with cream cheese bitumen: Delicious carrot cake with a cream cheese bitumen decorated with chopped walnut.

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