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If it was time to renew your wardrobe, and you are thinking of taking the opportunity to take a few days off, American Express Travel & Lifestyle Services travel experts bring you a number of destinations for shopping worldwide and ideal. Many of our trips have as a reason to destinations for shopping, or at least buying is one of the plans, especially if we travel to cities that are characterized by good offers and the attractiveness of its shopping centers.

London destinations for shopping

best destination for shopping

According to data from The Globe Shopper Index 1 , a report comparing 33 European cities and 25 from Asia / Pacific, London ranks first in European destinations for shopping. And despite the fact that prices are not as accessible as in other cities, its diversity in stores, both local and international, makes London a very attractive place to shop.

In this destination you can visit important and popular districts such as Oxford Street, Regent Street, Mayfair or Savile Row. Each one offers different atmospheres and products that are found in large stores as well as in small shops.

London is one of the few European cities that has more than three shopping centers, including Westfield Stratford City, considered the largest in the continent.


the destination for shopping

Thanks to its trendy atmosphere , Barcelona ranks second as the ideal destination for shopping in Europe, as well as the first to find the best prices for luxury items .

This city is also recognized for being a model in terms of sustainability, a factor that has led it to become the capital of creativity, design, and the cradle of new emerging talents of fashion, jewelry and illustration, such as the artist One Box or the designer Palomar Lana.

Among the main shopping areas are Las Rambles, Paso de Garcia and Agenda Diagonal.


the destination for shopping

Milan stands out for being the city that saw the birth of great designers of the stature of Stefano Cabana and Domenici Dolce, for what is considered the capital of glamour and haute couture.

If you want to experience one of the best shopping experiences, you should definitely visit the Quadrilateral Della Mode, considered the most important district in this industry. In addition to elegant boutiques, you will also find shops where you can find attractive promotions all year round.


Surprisingly, the capital of Japan is ranked as the fourth most accessible city in Asia for shopping 1 . And if we refer to technology, video games and innovation, Tokyo is the paradise to find the most innovative consoles and devices at the best prices.


In addition, this city is the fashion destination par excellence of Asia since the fact of being far from the West has caused the Japanese to be creative when defining their style of dress. In areas like Omotesandō and Ginza you will find luxury brand stores, while in Shibuya you can buy local and international fashion items.

Hong Kong

Shopping in this city is one of the main attractions for tourists, as it is well known that the service of employees in Hong Kong stores is one of the best in the world, so when customers finish they tend to be very satisfied

If you decide to travel to Hong Kong on your next vacation, do not forget to visit the open markets like “Ladies Market”, focused on products for women, and “Temple Market”, one of the most well-known markets in the city.

New York

The most iconic stores are in New York. Walk the 5th. Avenue and enter the boutiques of renowned brands is an experience that shopping lovers can not miss.

No matter if you are looking for the latest trends, fashion at affordable prices, new independent brands, art or household items, New York becomes the ideal destination, since you can find from emblematic stores with wonderful windows in Soho and Times Square, to alternative stores and second command in areas such as Williamsburg or Brooklyn.

St Berths

When you think of the Caribbean, you do not usually think of shopping, but of beaches and rest, but those who have gone know that St Barths is a special place to buy high-end items since it is a duty-free place and you can buy products from there. elite brands like Cartier, Dior and Louis Vuitton.


This city is one of the most visited for shopping because of its proximity to Mexico City, since it is only 2 hours 30 minutes by plane, and approximately 8 hours from Monterrey by car, so it has become an excellent option for Take advantage of a shopping weekend in the state of Texas.

With a variety of shopping centers such as The Galleria, The River Oaks District, Houston Premium Outlets and Katy Mills, this destination is irresistible for those who love shopping, as they can find exclusive brand boutiques and stores with discounts and promotions that they will not want. let pass.


discover destination for shopping

Bangkok is undoubtedly one of the best destinations for shopping in the world. No matter the taste or the budget, the Thai capital offers such a large variety of products that gives rise to all. From appliances to antiques, to fashionable clothes and original pieces of decoration, Bangkok gives visitors the chance to shop until they get tired, in places that are also open 24 hours a day.


When talking about destinations for shopping, Paris jumps as one of the unmissable destinations. This cosmopolitan city is one of the best cities in the world to shop for both the quality and the diversity of its products. The city is divided into districts and those districts imply a different style. From street markets full of color and aromas to exclusive brand clothing houses, everything can be found in Paris at the same time that you can appreciate dreamy landscapes and a spectacular city.


Morocco is a very exotic destination when it comes to shopping. The experience of touring its markets is already worth the trip, and if we also acquire an exclusive product from the area surely the purchases will be very pleasant. The aroma, the colors, the links, everything is extremely interesting and that is why shopping in Morocco is a spectacular experience.

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is undoubtedly the best city to shop in South America, the streets are full of shops, chains, outlets and designer shops. In addition to garments you can find there items of design for the home, books and very interesting antiques.

No doubt about places where the shopping experience is the most striking. From Morocco to Milan, worth the cultural differences, buying becomes a ritual and the products we can acquire are very interesting because of their origin and their appeal.


It is one of the most visited destinations for shopping, especially by Latin Americans and Americans. Its wide variety of shopping centers such as The Galleria , The River Oaks District , Houston Premium Outlets and Katy Mills , make it an irresistible place for lovers of shopping , as they can find boutiques of exclusive brands and stores with discounts and incredible promotions. !

Finally, would you like to take advantage of this winter to go shopping and renovate your closet? So, you have to know what are the best destination for shopping around the world .From the cheapest to the most sophisticated or exotic, we show you the ideal destinations to go shopping and fill your wardrobe with style!


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