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How to Manage Your Expenses and Save Money

On many occasions we do not pay attention to the way in which we manage our personal finances, and we dedicate ourselves to spending more than what we generate; most of our expenses are unnecessary. If you want to improve the control of your personal expenses, here are some tips that can help you.

How to manage your expenses and save money?

First, it is very important to realize what your connection to money would be, if you are satisfied with your expenses or if you spend what is necessary. If you buy to impress others by your personal insecurity, if this is the case, the first thing you should know is that you should evaluate yourself; and accept that you have a problem.

If you reach a conclusion and there is a lack of control in your relationship with money, I recommend that you act as soon as possible for it; You should know that the first rule about personal finance is not to spend more than you earn.

how to manage your expenses and save money

Improve control of your personal expenses

  • You must make a balance sheet, for this, you must calculate the value of your assets and at the same time subtract your debts, this is how you can determine the size of the financial problem you present.
  • Having the balance of your finances and identifying your expenses, prepare a budget to allocate a percentage for your necessary expenses, for payment; such as debts, savings and for your enjoyment.
  • When making your calculation, set the commission that you must assign to each consumer, taking into account the result you achieved in the calculation; classify the use of your capital well.
  • Always keep in mind the time to save, if there is a better way to do it is in those unnecessary daily expenses. If you buy a coffee every morning, you may want to calculate how much you would save if you changed your habits a little.
  • Save extra income, It is useful to set a goal, think about what you will do with the money once you have achieved it, For example; save for a desired trip, once you have this habit it is easier to continue doing it.
  • Make a list of all the expenses you had this month and don’t leave one out, no matter how small. It is a useful technique to determine the spending of your money.
  • The recommended percentage to save is 20% of your income, this can vary depending on your income, this number is only a guide; Everything will depend on your ability and your goals and determine what percentage suits you.

Generate additional income

In addition to what expenses you can avoid depending on the goals you set for yourself, adapt several goals in your life.

Think big, there are two ways you can act, out of necessity or satisfaction. If we hope to act when the situation becomes more difficult; Well, you would have to act out of necessity, and you may have to do something you don’t want to do and feel uncomfortable. Instead, you can do it for free satisfaction, setting goals and objectives, as mentioned above and thinking big.

By making your consumptions and keeping a periodic record of them, you will observe how to make the best use of your funds, either to use them to invest, save or the final consumption of goods and services. In this sense, you will improve the control of your expenses and if you start generating extra income you will notice a favorable change in your finances.

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