How to replace eyeglass lenses?

If you wear glasses, you know that they come in handy. But when the lenses get scratched or cloudy, it can be difficult to read or see clearly. You don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars for new glasses if your lenses are broken or cracked, you can replace them using oakley holbrook lenses yourself at home!

How to replace eyeglass lenses?

Replacing your eyeglass lenses isn’t difficult and will save you money. Most people don’t realize they can replace their lenses, but it’s very easy. Follow the steps:

Know the actual size of lenses

The first step to replacing your eyeglass lenses is knowing the lens size. To find it, you will need to have your existing glasses with you, either in person or on a digital image of the frame and lenses. Lens sizes are typically written in millimeters (mm) and can be measured using most rulers, but they may also be found printed on the frame or prescription itself. The measurements will look similar to these:

  • 58-14
  • 59-16

Purchase the lenses

Lenses are what make your eyeglasses work. You may have gotten your glasses from a doctor, but they’re not the ones who determine which lenses you need. There are many different types of lenses available, and each type has its unique function. If you have trouble seeing at night or in low light. For example, you’ll want to look into specialized lens treatments that can help make viewing easier under these conditions. If you’re looking for something more subtle (like an anti-reflective coating), that’s also possible and it doesn’t cost much extra.

You can find out more about what lenses are available by talking with our optometrists at your location. We’ll ask questions about how often you use glasses and what type of activities require them and then recommend a few options such as oakley frogskins lenses and so on.

Take a frame apart

Now that you’ve figured out which lenses you want to use, it’s time to take apart your eyeglass frames. This can be done with a screwdriver and some patience.

Remove the screws holding the arms together. Sometimes they’re located above or below each arm. Often, they’re hidden in between them. You may need to use an eyeglass repair kit to pry off the arms if they seem stuck on their tight (they can get stuck in place during normal wear).

Reattach nose pads if necessary, depending on how much room is left over after removing your old lenses and cleaning up a bit of dust around where the lens was previously inserted into its frame.

Remove old lenses

To remove your old lenses, you’ll need a lens removal tool (or something similar). If you don’t have one, you can use an old credit card or even a butter knife.

Hold the eyeglass frame firmly in one hand, then insert the tool into the groove that holds the lens in place. Gently push and twist until it releases from its attachment. Then, using a soft cloth to clean both sides of each lens, gently remove them from their respective frames.

It’s important to be careful not to scratch any part of the glasses or lenses when removing old lenses with your fingers. If your frames are made of metal or carbon fiber (like many high-end models), it may also be tempting to try sanding away some scratches with some fine grit sandpaper or another abrasive material. But this would likely cause further damage and should not be attempted unless directed by an experienced professional who knows how much pressure can safely be applied without damaging either set of glassware!

Put new lenses in the frame

Now that you have your new lenses, it’s time to put them in the frame. To do this, first, you will need to remove the old lenses if they are still in there. If you had a brand new pair of glasses made, your optician will have included the adhesive remover with your order. This is usually a small tube or bottle of gel-like liquid that can be applied directly onto the surface of the old lens and wiped off with tissue paper (or a microfiber cloth) after about 10 seconds for maximum effectiveness.

Once all traces of glue are removed from both sides of each piece of glass (both sides), then it’s time to place your new lenses into their designated slots in their respective frames!


Replacing eyeglass lenses isn’t difficult and will save you money. It’s good to know that replacing your eyeglass lenses is a cost-effective solution since it will save you money and time.

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