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Khlong lat mayom floating market tour in Thailand

When we started to prepare the route for Thailand, we knew that we wanted to visit a floating market, but looking for a more traditional market, which was not as touristy as the famous Damnoen Saduak or Ampawha, which was relatively close to Bangkok and was just open. The days that we were in the city, the floating markets that remained were greatly reduced. Today I will tell you how you can visit a Khlong lat mayom floating market tour. 

Khlong lat mayom floating market tour

Khlong lat mayom floating market

Searching the internet, I found a smaller market, but they did not finish us by the subject of days, distance … etc. and in the end we decided to visit the Khlong Lat Mayom floating market.

We combined it with the Chatuchak market to which we went very early so when it started to fill with people we were already on our way to the floating market.

How to get there from Bangkok?

The way we use to reach the Lat Mayom floating market is not difficult and accessible to everyone.

We have to take the BTS Sky train dark green line (Silom Line) to Wongwian Yai. As soon as you get out of the station, you have to take a taxi (we took a yellow and green taxi that put taximeter). In about 20 minutes and by 115thb it took us to the floating market. Read also: Paradises cuba

Boat food floating market Thailand

Boat food floating market Thailand

Once there, follow the signs to get to the pier (there is no loss) and then you will arrive in large tents full of food stalls, fruits, some clothes. Everything is located around the canal. Stop floating market watsapan channels Bangkok.

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This market is small and quiet with enough local people. The day we went there were not many floating boats, and the food stalls were at full capacity. You can eat or sit at one of the tables there. It only opens on weekends from 9.30am to 16.30haprox.

Longtail floating market near Bangkok

Longtail floating market near Bangkok

Here we took one of its famous coconuts (which we love), and it was the cheapest of the entire 15thb trip since they usually cost us from 40 to 50 baths.

Excursion through the channels:

There you can take a longtail boat tour through the market channels for 100thb per person for approximately 1h.30min, where we made 2 stops. Life in Bangkok channels. We went to see houses of local people who lived in the canals, with the boat parked at the door and the children bathed while we passed.

The first stop was at a temple and another very small floating market for 20 minutes, which was the Watsapan Floating Market.

The second in a nearby orchid farm, also for about 20 minutes.

Farm floating market orchids near Bangkok Thailand

I warn you that the boat was not very comfortable, narrow and with hardly any space for the legs and that I am not very tall …Boat excursion floating market Thailand

To get back, we took another taxi (yellow) that there was to the stop of bts wongwian yai by 121thb and also put meter without saying anything. The route is about 20-30 minutes so I recommend taxi and no tuk tuk.

It is a market that I recommend for several reasons:

  • Not very touristy (yet)
  • Enough local people
  • Small and quiet
  • Easy arrival from Bangkok

You can take a tour of the canals by boat to get a little more idea of how local people live in that area.

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