Metal to metal gluing tips for the DIYer

When looking to glue metal to metal there are certain things to be aware of to ensure you get the safest and best connection between products. Read on for our tips on gluing metal to metal when working on a DIY project.

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Soldering options

The best way to ensure a good fit between metal products is to solder them. This will give a strong, solid finish with a stable, firm hold. You will ideally need the right equipment to consider soldering metal to metal so this is only an option if you are knowledgeable and have access to soldering equipment, which some DIYers do. Heat melts the metal to a slight degree to allow the metals to blend together and harden as a join. However, if you can’t solder the metals, you have to consider how to glue them together.

Types of glue

To begin the gluing process you need to find the right glue. These glues come in many varieties with popular options including epoxy, cyanoacrylate and polyurethane. Perhaps the most popular options of all are super glue and 2-part epoxy. The two-part glues come in two parts so you have to mix them together in order to create the glue. This is even stronger than super glue and creates the strongest bond between two metals.

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Before gluing your metals you should clean them well and also sand them in order to create a rough texture for better gluing. Cleaning well ensures a good surface to stick to without any debris or dirt getting in the way. Make sure to wear the right gloves to do this because oils from your skin will make it harder to bond the metals.


When applying the metal bonding adhesive, such as those available from and other specialists, make sure you follow the exact instructions on the packet. The adhesive and hardener should be mixed together beforehand when using an epoxy. Be sure to apply the mixed epoxy within a minute of mixing the parts or else it will harden and you won’t be able to achieve a good bond.

The process should take full effect in around 24 hours. Super glue should be more instantaneous. When gluing metals together, clamp the surfaces together if possible as this will help to achieve a stronger bond.

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