10 tricks for nail polish to last longer

Nail polish– We know that no matter how hard we try, we will never get the same results at home as when we go to a nail salon. However, it never hurts to know a series of tricks so that our enamel lasts impeccable for much longer. Take note!

Do you suffer every time you do a manicure at home because you know that in less than 24 hours the enamel will be peeling? You are not alone. And is that, as much as we follow all the steps and apply its protective base, its brightness and its two layers of color, we can not make it last as long as when we do a professional in a center . Until now! We give you 10 tricks that will make your enamel last perfect for a longer time, even in the most elaborate nail arts.

Two days of rest

tricks for nail polish

If you want your manicure to last longer, spend at least two days without any color on your nails. When you’re in the air, the nail polish becomes more porous, and that makes the enamel you apply to it afterwards to hold much more than if you remove one color to put another.

That’s how I filed, well, like that

When you file your nails before painting them, be sure to file all the ends, so as not to leave any scale that could make the enamel rise more easily.

Disinfect the nail polish well before enameling it

The impurities and remnants of the product, such as moisturizing creams or oils, cause the enamel not to grip the nail polish properly, so if you paint them before painting them, a cotton ball with alcohol will be perfectly prepared to put the color.

Apple cider vinegar

nail polish to last longer

It is a great alternative if you do not have alcohol or disinfectant at home. Soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar, pass it through your nails and wait for it to dry. You will have eliminated the impurities at one stroke and left the nail ready to be enameled.

Strengthening base

When you apply the base before the color, choose one that is strengthening. This product protects the nails and promotes their growth, which also prolongs the duration of the enamel. Matte bases, which have a somewhat rougher texture, also improve adhesion.

No expired enamels

The expired or very old enamels lose properties, and their formula becomes much denser and thicker, also decreasing the duration of the nail polish. Discard the products in poor condition and use only enamels in good condition.

Always more than one layer, but thin

the nail polish

When it is time to apply the color, it is always necessary to give more than one layer so that it remains with the necessary intensity. However, these layers have to be thin, avoiding leaving clumps of product. The more we apply, the longer it will take to dry, and the more likely we are to ruin our enamel when sleeping or doing any activity, even if several hours have passed since we applied it.

Quick drying top coat

Then apply a generous layer of quick drying top coat. This will help precisely to avoid spoiling our manicure after a few minutes because we do not have enough patience to resume our normal activity.

After two days, a new layer

Two days after having painted your nails, apply a new layer of a transparent top coat to revive the intensity of color and improve its duration.

Use gloves to clean

As much as we like the idea of ​​leading a contemplative life to always wear perfect nails, the truth is that most of us have to return to their routine after getting a manicure, and that means scrubbing, cleaning and other household chores. If you want your polish to last much longer, always use gloves in tasks that involve the use of chemical products, to prevent them from coming in contact with your nails.

Nails that shine in the dark, the fluorescent manicure arrives

discover nail polish

If what you want is to show off your manicure even at night, this new trend bears your name. After the fluorescent tattoos arrive the fluorescent manicures. Stay with this trend that is increasingly popular in networks.

Little remains to be seen in the world of nail polish . The latest trend that has reached our ears is that of the fluorescent manicure. With the succeeded in agglutinating all kinds of designs with fluorescence as a common element. Getting your nails to shine in the dark is much simpler than you thought.

The key to this enamel able to shine in the dark is in the fluorescent pigment . Combined with a normal enamel , it makes the paint shine. As you have been able to observe, there are plenty of manicures for Halloween using this type nail polish to give a fun touch.

Undoubtedly the fluorescent manicure is just one of the trends that will sweep this year . If you do not want to lose the rest and want your nails always go to the last, do not miss the best designs seen on the net.

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