Practicing martial arts increases the attention span

Beyond the stereotypes and fears of this type of sports, practicing martial arts have many benefits. Such as increasing concentration for those who practice them.

Judo, karate or taekwondo are activities where discipline, perseverance, and practice are considered ‘necessary’. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand why martial arts increase the capacity of attention in children and also in adults.

Practicing Martial arts and its benefits

Those people who practice martial arts can enjoy many advantages, among them a superior attention capacity. And a greater state of alertness, as well as better reflexes and ability to respond when making decisions.

When we refer to a greater state of alert we do not have to see it as something negative. But quite the opposite. It means that we have the ability to notice danger or a stimulus. Focus more on our activities or tasks and choose the best resolutions in less time.

Basically, we could say that one who practices a martial art can react faster to changes, being able to avoid an accident in time. This is because the classes are taught to anticipate the movement of the opponent. And make quick decisions to counteract the blows.

Practicing martial arts

Maybe you remember the movie Karate Kid,  in which Mr. Miyagi before teaching karate to Daniel makes him ‘wax and polish’ a car with circular movements outwards and then inwards, the next teaching of the karate protagonist is to paint a fence on the side to side.

In the beginning, the student does not understand what his teacher indicates and believes that he is playing a joke. Actually, without realizing it, he is acquiring the techniques of sport … and that is how he manages to “dodge” the master’s blows without problems.

Both judo and karate (among other martial arts) are considered a perfect combination of physical exercise and mindfulness.

We can not ignore that during the practice of these disciplines, concentration, perseverance, and responsibility are rewarded. Neither can we ignore the ‘spiritual’ or mental side of these arts. Where in addition to training the body. The brain is worked through the repetition of movements or the learning of techniques?

What other benefits do practicing martial arts bring?

If the improvement in the capacity of attention is not enough for you to make the decision to practice martial arts. We tell you below what additional benefits present this type of sports:

1. Self-defense

Practicing martial arts

Although martial arts are not taught to be able to ‘fight on the street’ or the first problem. They give us the tools to defend ourselves in case of attack. You know what benefits of martial arts training for children?

Although it seems contradictory, these disciplines help to have a more peaceful life, calm and far from conflicts.

2. Normal weight

Beyond an ‘art,’ martial disciplines are a sport, with all that implies. To train taekwondo, judo or karate allows losing weight, to mark the muscles. And to enjoy an excellent health (if accompanied by a balanced diet and healthy habits).

3. Flexibility and strength

Practicing martial arts

Other benefits of practicing martial arts at the physical level have to do with an increase in leg and arm flexibility. Due to the exercises taught in the classes.

And while the practice does not include lifting weights, those who perform this activity have more strength to perform daily tasks and on the tatami.

4. Coordination and resistance

The martial arts are very complete and represent a quality aerobic exercise. Therefore, those who practice them enjoy greater physical resistance -pulmonary and cardiac- when they run, ride a bicycle, climb stairs or do any other activity.

On the other hand, to carry out the required techniques requires great coordination and balance, two virtues that also have their positive consequences in everyday life.

5. Discipline and commitment

Practicing martial arts

For children, practicing martial arts are the best way to respect the orders of adults, to behave correctly and to lead a disciplined life. And not only that but also the fact of committing to sports rules leads them to be more organized at school and at home.

Finally, we must not ignore the fact that practicing martial arts is perfect to overcome and achieve our goals. Because as it is commonly said, the main ‘enemy’ in the ring or on the tatami is not the other but oneself.

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