Super Bowl LVII: The Race Is Starting to Heat Up

The race for Super Bowl LVII is firmly on at the moment, with the 2023 NFL playoffs in full swing!

We have already had the first round of games take place, with many having been full of incredible action and some rather surprising results. Indeed, this has been something that many fans all over the world that follow the gridiron sport have simply enjoyed, with the game capturing the interest of many for a variety of different reasons.

While the actual sport is something that many have enjoyed, there have been fans in the UK that have been enjoying the range of betting opportunities that the American football has been providing them with throughout the offseason.

Many have been using the reliable sites listed on the platform where they have been able to wager on the action that takes place on the field in a safe and secure manner. Those who have been utilizing the options available have been able to enjoy positive experiences as a result, and there will be some that will be looking ahead to the next stages of the playoffs.

2023 NFL Playoffs so far

As of writing, we have already witnessed the Super Wild Card Round and have seen the number of playoff teams to still be involved be whittled down to eight as we enter the Divisional Stage of the postseason.

The Wild Card Round was incredible from a football standpoint, as we saw a number of impressive displays and some rather surprising results. Here is what has happened so far:

  • San Francisco 49ers 41-23 Seattle Seahawks
  • Jacksonville Jaguars 31-30 Los Angeles Chargers
  • Buffalo Bills 34-31 Miami Dolphins
  • Minnesota Vikings 24-31 New York Giants
  • Cincinnati Bengals 24-17 Baltimore Ravens
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers 14-31 Dallas Cowboys

Aside from the victories earned by NFC East rivals the New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys, each of the other games were won by the home side. The game involving the Jacksonville Jaguars had all of the drama, though, as the hosts were 7-27 down at the half before rallying back and ensuring they progressed to the next round.

2023 Divisional Round

Both the No. 1 seeds in the NFC and AFC enter this stage of the postseason and both will have home-field advantage. The Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs will have had extra rest compared to their opponents and will want to make it count.

The fixtures are scheduled as the following:

  • Kansas City Chiefs vs Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Philadelphia Eagles vs New York Giants
  • Buffalo Bills vs Cincinnati Bengals
  • San Francisco 49ers vs Dallas Cowboys

Each match has all of the ingredients to provide football fans with everything they could possibly want when watching the NFL. Naturally, there will be plenty of eyes on each contest as we edge ever closer to Super Bowl LVII and see who becomes the next World Champion.

Fans all over the world will continue to cheer on their team and root for their favorite, but at this moment, it is anyone’s guess who will ultimately end up with the prize!

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