Some of the worst cars in the world.

Cars are a necessity. They get us to A to B and as long as they start and stop when we want them to they generally get our love and affection. Some of these cars would not fall into that category in a million years. Suffice to say if you ever decide to get yourself a nice Car lap tray  to eat your tea off of or do some hobby then it’s unlikely that you’d choose any of these when you go along to Having said that some of these little “beauties” have become collectors’ items and even the word classic has been used about them in the occasional sentence. So, in no particular order, which is a comment on the gearing for some of them, here is a selection of just some of the worst.

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Reliant Robin Rialto. A 3 wheeled car made of plastic fibreglass; one of the colours being custard yellow. I don’t really need to right any more than that you would have thought but this little nightmare of a car was for a time quite popular and was being made up until 2002! The reason for its success was related to the fact that you didn’t need a full driving licence to drive it. As it was three wheels a motorcycle licence was enough and the road tax was lower.  There was every chance that the car would roll over if a bend was taken too fast but as it was powered by an engine akin to a large ride on lawn mower this was rare.

Austin Allegro. Sticking with terrible British cars from the nineteen seventies the Allegro was one of the more expensive errors made by the now defunct British motor industry. The car was to feature a radical design that included a neat aerodynamic template that was cleverly placed at the back of the car so that when you went in reverse it was quicker. It is mainly remembered for having a square steering wheel (and yes I am perfectly aware of the oxymoronic nature of that sentence).  To show how bad it really is there is very little affection attributed to the horrid thing. The yellow and brown two tone colour schemes where particularly hideous.

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The Ford Edsel. Just to show that the Americans can do failure, and on a much grander scale, we have the Edsel. This was an enormous showy car brought out just when Americans were starting to want smaller more efficient ones. This did not stop a huge $400 million dollar campaign to sell the thing being spent on it. The other problem was the grill. It looked like a loo seat. To be fair to it the car itself mechanically was fine and one is even featured in the Science Museum’s collection at Swindon due to its innovative braking and lubrication system, which modern cars went on to use.

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