Steel Industrial Shelving Advantages

Arranging a re-organisation of a warehouse is no small feat. It normally involves an unavoidable but costly period of downtime. That’s why it’s so important to have warehouse products that are tough, durable and offer longevity and the ability to grow alongside your warehouse’s evolving needs.

That is why many warehouses choose industrial steel shelving to meet their needs. Here are some of the top advantages and benefits of investing in steel shelving systems:

You can customise it

Steel shelving is more versatile and customisable than any other type of shelving system. They can be adapted and added to for virtually any job. You can create a system that works perfectly for your needs, whether you require drawers or dividers. The shelves can also be clipped into almost any position or direction.

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By using compression clips, the shelves can be adjusted in several different height increments. This means the shelving can be truly tailored to meet your specific inventory or storage needs. This is also ideal for a changing inventory, such as seasonal goods. The systems are easy to assemble and when an additional shelf is needed quickly, it’s a simple job to include it in the set-up. So why not contact today?


The beauty of steel shelving is that it comes with scratchproof paint and ultra-strong supports made from aged steel. From bashes to forklift truck impacts and general wear and tear, your shelving will live up to all these challenges. If you have an unusually heavy or large load, then you can even fortify with additional central supports.


For such strength and durability, these units are also very reasonably priced. They offer some of the most cost-effective and long-term storage solutions available today for warehouses.


Steel shelving also provides the perfect opportunity to see all of your inventory clearly. This increased visibility makes it far easier to locate items quickly and to arrange the inventory in such a way as to make it accessed efficiently. All this will help to increase productivity.

Storing delicate items

The best place for storing fragile and delicate items is in open shelving. This will help keep your inventory safe from damage and costly breakages.  A great type of shelving for this is garage shelving which you can find at links including

Extra space

Space is always at a premium in warehouse facilities. Making the most of available space and using strategic ways to increase it will undoubtedly improve your bottom line. The great things about steel shelving is that it can be stored very close together and also constructed to go high up to make the most of floor space.



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