Tips For Fitting a Towbar to Your Car

It can be quite tricky to fit a tow bar to your car. This is because the process involves modification of parts visible from the bumper. Before you start, make sure to clean the area and get rid of any rubber covers. Also, be sure to drill a small pilot hole first before drilling a larger one. Always read the instructions carefully and have all the tools and parts needed. Also, do not forget to secure the bolts by inserting lock washers.

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It is best to fit a towbar with a helper. Towbars can be pretty heavy and requires the help of another person. The wiring process involves feeding the wires underneath the car. If you are unsure of the wiring procedure, ask a professional mechanic to do it for you. Alternatively, you can wire the towbar yourself using a supplied loom. Regardless of how you install the towbar, make sure you have enough space to work with. For advice on Trailer Parts, go to

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Before you start fitting the tow bar, check the maximum weight capacity of your car. It should be listed in the user’s manual or on the VIN plate. The combined weight of your car and the trailer must not exceed the maximum weight limit. Once you have the correct measurements, you can then start the fitting process. You can find detailed instructions in the manual. However, it is still recommended to have an expert look under the vehicle to avoid any mishaps and ensure the towbar is fitted safely and securely.

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