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The internet is probably one of if not the most used bit of technology that we have to date. It is a huge online search engine that we all use daily. You can access it from near enough every part of the world now. Whether this be at work or at night for entertainment. The latter proving more important than ever with the latest lockdowns enforce and gaming really came to the fore. A huge section of the internet is used by online casinos, some of the better ones you can find at casinos not on gamstop, which have also been a popular choice for many across the last 12 months.

It’s amazing how the internet actually works, and you can find more information about this here. It’s hard to think back to the days before they had the internet, can you imagine life back then? I can’t remember the last time going a day without using the internet, we literally use it for anything and everything. You can find everything that you would need on the internet from a new house to a car, even cooking recipes. You can surf the internet by using many things but mainly computers and smartphone. As long as there is a server nearby you can connect to the internet anywhere.

Information on the internet travels by web servers receiving and sending bits of information to each other. So, the web browser will connect to the web server and send a request for the desired web page. The web server gets this request and checks for the page. If the server can’t find the page this is when you will see the 404-error message meaning the page cannot be found due to the server not being able to find it.

There can be many reasons why your internet stops working. Your router may be out of date, or your IP address may not be getting the signal it needs which will then cause a glitch. There are also issues with your local service provider carrying out work on towers or ethernet cables which will be caused you to lose your signal. Sometimes these errors can occur and be in place for weeks on end. The above will explain how the internet works in a short, easy, and simple way and also as to why it may not work at times. Mobile phone internet goes down a lot as well as normal internet, this can be due to bad weather or even just a weak signal to where you are. I think it’s safe to say without the internet we would struggle with day to day life.

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