The cosmetic power of activated charcoal

If recently you notice on the shelves of cosmetic shops more and more means of black color, then you do not get dark in the eyes of the prices, simply the world of beauty has won activated charcoal. This ingredient in cosmetic formulas does not look very attractive,but it will easily help you become attractive to you.

More and more cosmetics – masks,scrubs and even toothpastes get a deep black shade, thanks to the addition of activated charcoal. Our mothers and grandmothers treated with activated charcoal host of ailments, from indigestion and flatulence to toxic poisoning. Yes,there are moms and grandmothers – even Hippocrates recommended using charcoal for medical purposes, as well as for water purification.

Detoxifying natural, charcoal is now the star ingredient of the detox routine: from the skin to the hair passing through the oral hygiene has now conquered all. Celeb as Stella Maxwell understood

For some time now he has entered the world of beauty at 360 degrees. In addition to being the star ingredient of the skincare universe thanks to its powerful properties, charcoal is also found in make-up, in hair care products, not to mention the entire oral hygiene sector.

Detoxifying natural, it acts as a magnet that captures skin impurities caused by smog, fine dust, and external environmental factors. Not by chance, in fact, it is used in the beauty formulations of patches and face masks with an immediate purifying action.Recommended for impure skin, but also for those who want to give a detox boost to their face, the charcoal helps the skin to expel toxins ensuring a more radiant and luminous appearance. But always without exaggerating,otherwise the risk is the opposite, or drying the skin.

It goes without saying that vegetable carbon is among the most beloved ingredients of the celeb. Among these Madonna, Jessica Alba, Kylie Jenner to name only a few, true sufferings of the detox routine, together with Stella Maxwell who told the New York Times to be a great fan of vegetable charcoal: “With charcoal you can brush your teeth and you can use it to make a face mask because it’s phenomenal against the pores.”

A beauty ally for the skin, not least is for teeth – see all the sector of toothpastes, but also brushes with bristles treated with charcoal with anti-stain action – and for the hair, with shampoos and detox masks that purify the hair from all the impurities deposited during the day.

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