The cut of the wedding dress: which of these is the right one for you

The cut of the wedding dress: which of these is the right one for you? After the delicate issue of wedding invitations, another choice awaits you, perhaps the most essential for your female protagonists: the wedding dress. This important piece represents for most of the female universe a decision to be taken with due precautions. This is why we have decided to collect useful information and suggestions on the different cuts of clothes that can guide you in such a demanding choice.

Mermaid wedding dressThe cut of the wedding dress: which of these is the right one for you

L ‘ from mermaid wedding dress is one of the mise most sensual par excellence. It emphasizes the lines of the woman, highlighting, in particular, the waist, décolleté and hips. This cut is rather adherent and widens as it goes down ending in a mermaid tail composed of a fabric that can be multilayer with or without train. The neckline that takes shape on the dress can be of different types: heart, single shoulder or straight.

Each of these is easily matched thanks to the profound versatility of the Siren dress, although you will still have to pay attention to this last part because much will depend on the size of your chest. A sweetheart neckline in a mermaid cut is definitely the ideal solution for those who have more minute shapes, while instead, we recommend a neckline with straps to those who have a more prosperous bust and a silhouette a little more generous. Finally, to the incurable romantic, we recommend choosing a wedding dress in lace to be more poetic than ever.

Empire style wedding dressThe cut of the wedding dress: which of these is the right one for you

The Empire style wedding dress finds its best allies in women with Venus bodies who love the royal style. This type of cut presents a division highlighted by a ribbon between the bodice and the skirt, at the height of the breast. Its shape makes it excellent for all curvy women with pretty generous decollete and hips. The empire dresses are transparent and soft to the touch, they can be in chiffon, crepe or silk satin and there are two variations: the peplos and the Renaissance. The first is a fluid model with draped skirt, while the latter has a cut at the top of the waist, with a wide neckline. And long sleeves that open to the trapezium from the height of the elbow.

Alternative wedding dresses: the jumpsuitThe cut of the wedding dress: which of these is the right one for you

The jumpsuit reflects the taste. And the need of the modern and emancipated woman. In addition, this model goes very well with mature women who love a comfortable and more casual style while maintaining an elegant spirit. The jumpsuit can be made of silk, organza or chiffon; you have different models available to say nothing of colors like necklines including the heart, the American, high neck, straight strapless, V, and many more. If you opt for this model, you will have the possibility to distinguish you. Because, even if it meets the favor of so many women, it is not yet particularly widespread to celebrate in white.

Princess style wedding dressesThe cut of the wedding dress: which of these is the right one for you

Under this label, the classic voluminous dresses are combined with a tight, close-fitting bodice and a wide skirt. We talk about a dress to the wheel if the texture is composed of several layers of tulle or organza overlaid. Then you have the balloon model: in this case, the dress is a single piece, adherent on the bust as on the broad skirt that appears swollen. And slightly curled. This being put most romantic of all, it requires simple and sober accessories not to give too much attention. And not to complicate the figure to maintain classy deportment.

Redingote wedding dressThe cut of the wedding dress: which of these is the right one for you

If the big day you make your masterful entrance to the church with a tight bodice on the upper part of the hips, slightly stiff with the soft skirt that widens from the waist down, then it means that you will have chosen a wedding dress frock. It is considered one of the most romantic bridal gowns. And thanks to its fluid and refined forms it is perfectly suited to any type of feminine body. In addition, it has the gift of proportioning the figure. And can be declined in different fabrics, from duchess to Mikado to go to the georgette.

In addition, the frock coat is a valuable ally for not particularly tall brides, as they give the illusion of a slimmer body. The element that distinguishes this dress is the bustier: the skirt remains wide, while on the bodice there is a tight band on the breast that continues up to the lower part of the hips. It can be made of silk, satin, Mikado, duchess and much other fabric

Slipped wedding dressThe cut of the wedding dress: which of these is the right one for you

The slipped wedding dresses represent the simple models par excellence so much appreciated by fans of the traditionalist style thanks to their soft and decidedly sober character. The shape follows the lines of the body but without exaggeration and the waist appears drawn, but not modeled. The bandage of the bodice instead appears more adherent, but not rigid and structured, as in the case of the A-line (or trapezium).

The fabrics with which it is packaged are always very fluctuating: chiffon, first of all, followed by satin, cady, and Duchess. Simply perfect for all types of bride, especially for those of small stature, is able to hide small imperfections because it does not adhere too much on the hips. If you love the classic style and do not want to give up elegance, the slipped dress is the one for you.

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