Things to Do Before You Start University

Getting into university is a great achievement but it can be overwhelming when trying to prepare for living away from home for the first time and starting your degree. I will help by sharing a few things you should do before you start university.

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Firstly, you need to organise your accommodation well before you start. Once you’ve done this you’ll have a huge stress off your back, so don’t put it off. If you are going to University of Gloucestershire and are looking for Student Accommodation Cheltenham, check out Your perfect pad providers of student accommodation in Cheltenham.

Another big thing to sort out as soon as possible is your finances. Whether you need to get out a student loan, calculate your budget, crowd fund, or get a student bank account that has an arranged overdraft, get it done sooner rather than later. You may also benefit from looking up ways to save your money as a student.

On the subject of saving your money, another thing to do before you start university is to buy a student cookbook or learn how to cook. This will save you a lot of money and is a lot healthier than buying ready-made meals or takeaways.

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Moreover, get to know the area of your university to familiarise yourself. This will help you feel a lot more comfortable when you first start university.

Lastly, check the reading list for your course and read as much as you can. If you are a perfectionist however, remember that you will not be expected to know everything about the course you are going to study. You are there to learn! Whilst you are in learning mode though, learn some relaxation exercises to help with the stress of studying. Unfortunately for many, stress can make their university days anything but the best days of their lives, so learn how to unwind and relax as soon as possible.

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