Tips for travelling in a wheelchair-accessible vehicle

Wheelchair accessible vehicles play an important role in enabling individuals with disabilities to be independent and mobile. The specially designed vehicles provide wheelchair users with the convenience of transport. Driving a WAV has its own considerations for safety, comfort, and compliance with accessibility laws.

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Refresh your driving skills with WAV Driving Instructor

It is important to be familiar with the unique features and adaptations of a WAV. You may want to consider working with a WAV instructor who will provide you with tailored training. You will learn how to use the vehicle, including the ramp or lift, the wheelchair securing, and the necessary adjustments. Driving with confidence is enhanced by professional instruction.

Keep up to date with accessibility driving regulations

It’s important to be informed about the accessibility driving regulations in your country and region. You should familiarise yourself with local rules and regulations governing the use of WAVs. In the UK, for example, owners of WAVs must meet certain criteria in order to qualify, such as parking concessions. By staying up to date with the latest regulations, you can ensure compliance and avoid any potential problems while travelling. For WAV Vehicles, contact //

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Accessible parking

When travelling in a vehicle that is wheelchair accessible, it’s important to find parking spaces that are easily accessible. Find accessible parking spots along your route or at your destination. These spaces should be designed to accommodate WAVs and have enough space for ramps or lifts. Ensure you have all the required permits and documentation.

Regular maintenance

Like any vehicle, WAVs need regular maintenance for optimal performance and safety. Before a long journey, schedule routine inspections for the vehicle’s mechanical parts, such as brakes, tyres, and ramps/lifts. Regular servicing allows you to identify potential problems and fix them before they turn into major issues.

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