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Fitness in Pregnancy-The Best Tips to Stay Fit

Fitness in pregnancy-The best tips to stay fit. Fitness in pregnancy is one of the things that can put you to the test of the most important to do when you’re pregnant. Being currently in the sixth month of pregnancy, I had to change my approach quickly from a “fanatic” fitness level to that of a turtle. There are some things you need to avoid but this does not mean you can not train and stay fit during pregnancy. Being fit during pregnancy helps you to go through hard times and even recover from labor. Speaking of my experience, I will tell you the best things to do and things to avoid.

Why stay fit during pregnancy?

Fitness in Pregnancy-The Best Tips to Stay Fit

First of all, why stay fit during pregnancy? Speaking of me personally, I could not imagine my life without fitness and there are also many advantages in keeping you active during pregnancy. For example, it helps you overcome those stressful moments when you are frustrated and can not move in the way you would like. I had a terrible backache I had never had before and going to the gym helped me a lot with my joints. Like a lot of pregnant women, my hormones have exploded on all sides, and keeping me in shape helps me keep them under control. Exercise releases a substance in the brain called serotonin, aka “the happy substance”. This substance transmits signals to the brain that serve to regulate processes in the body, resulting in a much more positive and happy attitude. Finally, keeping fit helps you to recover your energy faster after labor.

Break a tabooFitness in Pregnancy-The Best Tips to Stay Fit

A lot of friends and family members asked me why I went to the gym during my pregnancy. The simple reason is that I believe that fitness in pregnancy helps you physically and mentally to recover during those 9 months, and these months can be very long when you face challenges and joys for being a parent for the first time. There were friends who told me that I would hurt my child, who would hurt me and other things that can be difficult to hear sometimes. However, if you respect your fitness in pregnancy and your physical limits, there is no reason why you should not continue to train. So, if you feel happy and healthy enough to continue, why not. However, it is important to remember that: a) your body changes very quickly, so listen to it and change your workout routine if necessary.

What exercises to avoidFitness in Pregnancy-The Best Tips to Stay Fit

When I learned I was pregnant, I immediately eliminated the abs. There are women who still do the abdominals. But I have found that they have strained their back so I decided to avoid doing them when I train. If you still want to keep the muscle tone of your trunk, there are some fantastic tools like a high pull. Do 6 sets of 10 repetitions of high pull not only supports the back but indirectly also strengthens the lateral muscles and the abdominals. HIIT Workouts. Extreme extreme training is great for burning fat when you’re pregnant, you have to change your routine and habits, and slow them down. Your body changes drastically and you are more prone to injury. You can still have the same impact as the hit using cardio tools.

Vibrating platforms. I really like vibrating platforms but they are not indicated during pregnancy. The vibrations are very strong. And can cause harm to the baby, so it is better to avoid them until the 6 weeks post-labor check. Contact sports like kickboxing or muay that are to be avoided. Because you could risk an abdominal injury and this can be very annoying for your joints. While doing some small weight lifting can help. It is highly discouraged to lift excessive weights that can cause contractions of the isometric muscles. And put stress on the entire body and the heart. Avoid any exercise that requires you to lie down on your stomach and back. Because it may disrupt the fetus and reduce blood flow.

What exercises can you do when you are pregnantFitness in Pregnancy-The Best Tips to Stay Fit

Pregnant fitness can include a variety of exercises and does not have to be boring. I started doing 20-30 minutes of cycling or on the elliptical, followed by free exercises aimed at different areas every day. This can include arms and chest, legs or back. Some of my favorite exercises are squats, bridges. And lunges because you can get the same results as when you are not pregnant. Here are some videos showing different squats and lunges exercises. I recommend making 6 sets of 10 repetitions for excellent results.

I’m also a big fan of the weights. And as I know it’s very easy to try every single cable weight available in the gym during a training session, to get the best results, I’d rather try to target a specific area of the body. For example, if you are training your back, you can do low pull or high pull, or row weight. The following day you could strengthen the legs with extensions, buttocks, etc. Weights, especially those that require you to sit on the ground, can be very helpful when you are pregnant because they do not require you to stand for too long periods, help your back and burn fat. I recommend 6 sets of 10 repetitions each for each instrument in order to obtain excellent results.

When using weight tools it is important not to use too large weights. Use those suitable for you. You do not have to be ashamed of using the lighter ones and you can still achieve incredible results. When you are pregnant you must always be followed by a fitness instructor before using the weight tools. So that you know the right technique and the right weight to use. Another exercise that I recommend is swimming. Water supports your body and creates enough resistance to burn up to 500 calories in 30 minutes. I started by doing classes in the pool because the water assists you to do jumps. And weights and is a great workout.

So to recap, the best exercises during pregnancy are:

-Low impact cardio (bicycle or elliptical)

-Free weights (dumbbells, barbell etc.) and cable weight




These exercises help to maintain the body but also to develop the muscles that I will need during labor and in the post-partum period.

Fitness in Pregnancy

Fitness in pregnancy is a great way to stay healthy. And feel good about yourself, it also helps to avoid disorders such as gestational diabetes. It is important not to exceed your limits and does not overdo it. But staying in training is the same. If you’re a regular gym-goer. And you’ve just learned that you’re pregnant, I suggest you ask a personal trainer for advice so you know what you can. And what you can not do. My best pregnancy exercises written above have helped me a lot so far. And I will never cease to advise them.

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